Do I Need To Optimize My Instagram Business Profile For SEO?

By Ivan Ivanov

Do I Need To Optimize My Instagram Business Profile For SEO?

We are living in a world dominated by search engines.

With 95% of the search traffic going through Google, Alphabet is constantly updating and changing its algorithms to ensure the best user experience.

Google’s vision is for one to be able to find the information they seek the fastest way possible. And that’s why search engine optimization (SEO) is a great thing for business.

But with Instagram being its own search engine, does it mean there’s such a thing as Instagram SEO?

SEO as a Quality Measurement

At its core, search engine optimization is both the backbone and the result of a quality website. For you to be able to rank higher, your website should be fast, efficient, engaging, on-topic and deliver unique information.

When you ask an SEO specialist how to improve your rankings, you’ll often get a complicated answer with a bunch of phrases you are probably not familiar with. Yet, things are simple.

  • Desktop/Mobile Optimization

    When a page is built to load extremely fast on both desktop and mobile. Speed of loading translates to a seamless end-user experience. Usually this is done through image optimization, file reworking and a stable hosting service. Broken links also show a lack of quality.

  • Link Building

    This might seem as a complicated thing, but is closely related to the idea of unique information. If there are a lot of high ranking websites linking back to you, it means that what you have to say is rather unique and informative.

  • Interlinking

    Your pages should be easy to navigate around. If you have a sitemap and link your posts with each other whenever necessary, instead of repeating yourself, you will ease both the crawlers and the users.

  • Image Optimization

    Your images should be small to optimize the speed, but they should also be related to the content you provide. What’s further adding explanatory (alt) text to each image is considered a good practice towards the end-user experience.

  • Bounce Back Rate

    If people are clicking links to your website, but quickly closing the tab or exiting your website, it means that you don’t deliver the information they seek. That’s why engaging the reader is key.

  • Keyword Density

    Pages within your website should be related to the content and the industry you are targeting. You can’t have a page about dogs and talk about unrelated topics. You also can’t have a page about dogs and just spam the word dog multiple times. Instead, you should add value to the topic of dogs.

  • Social Media Shares

    This returns to the reader engagement. If your post is being shared on social media, it means that it is engaging. While not the most important factor of an SEO strategy, it certainly helps.

This is all nice and good. Basically, as long as you know what you are talking about and you deliver quality content on a working website, you are good to go.

But with such a high competition where each and every word counts towards how high you are going to climb on the search ladder, what’s the role of Instagram?

In addition, as Instagram is a search engine Go to the full article.

Source:: Business 2 Community

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