Customer Success in the Business-to-Government Sector

By James Burbank

For the most part, when we are talking customer success, we are dealing with the business-to-business (B2B) ecosystem where your CS team is in contact with the representatives of the customer companies. Of course, there are also business-to-consumer (B2C) companies whose customer success managers deal with individual customers, but the majority still do work with company representatives.

There is an even smaller, third group of customer success managers and professionals and their numbers will grow as time goes by – those who work in the business-to-government sector, or B2G.

What Is the Business-to-Government Sector?

Governments, including all of their levels (federal, provincial, state, city, etc.), all employ a certain number of people to do certain jobs for them. For example, the City of New York will employ that many police officers who will try their best to keep their streets peaceful; the Province of Ontario will employ this many secondary school teachers who will try their best to educate the children in the province. Depending on the country, they will also feature federal employees who will do work pertaining to the entire country.

These various levels of government employ a certain number of people, depending on the amount of funds they have at their disposal. For some purposes, they have enough, or at least enough to get by (there is always call for more teachers, everyone will agree). For other purposes, however, there are just not enough professionals to provide the service.

The governments handle this via public procurement, or the process of putting out contracts and hiring companies to provide certain services to them. This is done in order to ensure that the government (i.e. taxpayers) do not spend more than needed and that no fraud or corruption takes place.

For example, the American federal government might contract a company to drive laboratory specimens for the Centers for Disease Control because they do not have their own trucks. Or, the province of Manitoba might be in need of an IT overhaul and they contract a company that will provide the provincial agencies with a new system.

You get the picture.

Another part of public procurement involves government agencies purchasing products from corporate entities.

Why B2G Companies Need a Customer Success Team

Government contracts usually pay very well and they can provide an unprecedented sense of stability to a company that may have struggled finding customers before. They are also one of the more spectacular endorsements that a company could ever get.

And once you start thinking about it, a great customer success team can easily make a difference between a company that gets awarded the contract and the one that does not.

Inexperienced Users

One of the situations in which the customer success team is especially useful is when they are dealing with inexperienced users and this is exactly what many companies find when they start providing a service or product for certain government agencies.

We do not mean to generalize, but many government agencies become set in Go to the full article.

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