Creating Truly Remarkable Marketing and Social Media Content That Lasts [Podcast]

By Hailley Griffis

Creating Remarkable Marketing and Social Media Content That Lasts

How do you create something that lasts in marketing and social media?

Not just for 15 minutes, or even for a year. But for a lifetime.

Today, we as marketers are so focused on what’s next. We create content, ship it, and move onto the next project without even blinking an eye. Is there another way? A way to create perennial sellers?

Best-selling author, Ryan Holiday, has dedicated his life’s work to answering that exact question. He’s studied hundreds of perennial sellers from movies and television to books and marketing campaigns.

What Ryan has found is that creators of great works don’t distinguish between the making and the marketing. The purpose, goals, frameworks, and target audience are in the creator’s mind from the moment that she or he begins the project.

In episode #58 of The Science of Social Media, we sit down with Ryan to explore the current state of marketing and social media content and how short-term thinking only creates short-term results. Ryan dives into how we as marketers and businesses can begin to think strategically about our content and create something that lasts a lifetime or more.

Let’s dive in!

In this episode, here’s what you’ll learn:

Ryan Holiday takes us through the proven process that many of the greatest creators in history have used to generate remarkable content that truly lasts. You’ll also learn tons of other insightful things like:

  • How marketers and businesses typically approach content creation
  • Why measuring success based on instant results leads to challenges and discouragement
  • Finding your own “blue oceans” where this is no competition
  • How taking calculated risks is the only true way to stand out in a sea of content
  • Taking risks, standing out, and doing something that is truly remarkable

3 strategies for marketers looking to create remarkable content

1. Focus on word of mouth

“At the end of the day all successful products are not successful because advertisements or celebrities, they are successful because they are good products and are recommended by other people.

I get emails from people who read my books all of the time saying that they got my book from someone who had sent them a copy. By sending out one free copy to one person, I reached all of their followers. And, if I did my job right, then it will be recommended repeatedly over time.

It’s worth thinking about how this thing that you made is going to be discovered and then working on marketing that drives that discoverability. It’s very hard to get people to pay for something that they know nothing about. I urge people in their products to ask: How are we bringing our first customers through door?”

2. Do something unexpected or surprising

“If you stopped your advertising, would anyone notice? They probably wouldn’t.

Most ads are so boring that companies have to pay extra just for people to see them!

The hack or the secret is to not be boring. Do something risky and Go to the full article.

Source:: Business 2 Community

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