Creating the Ideal IT Management Consultant Job Description

By Carey Wodehouse


Every single business relies on technology to varying degrees to function, communicate, carry out transactions, service customers, and more—its computer and information technology (IT) infrastructure. When any aspect of that infrastructure goes awry, it can directly affect the bottom line. That’s why IT management consultants are so important. They do more than just set up the workstations, network and IT infrastructure that make an organization run—they understand a business and its goals and work to create IT solutions that align with those goals.

Working with network administrators, network engineers, and security analysts, IT management consultants routinely assess an IT infrastructure to ensure it’s performing well, is secure, and that any hardware or software in need of upgrading is improved in a strategic, cost-effective way.

Whether you’re building a network from scratch or need a pro to help assess your IT demands, hiring a freelance IT management consultant is a cost-effective way to ensure your network, data, and equipment are sufficient, reliable, and up to date. Here’s a quick overview of what an IT management consultant does with some tips for writing a job description that helps you find the one with the experience and skills you need.

What Does an IT Manager Do?

“Big IT projects don’t have the flexibility to adjust and pivot like startups do so it is important to set a clear focus on day one. Clear project scope and goals lead to clear tasks for managers, designers, and developers while clear tasks lead to efficient execution.” – Things to Know When Embarking on Large IT Projects

IT management consultants align an organization’s IT services with the needs of the business, often using ITSM (IT service management, formerly known as ITIL) best practices. They consult on, plan, and implement the processes and frameworks that tech-focused IT professionals like network engineers and database administrators adhere to.

An IT management consultant works with your company to keep the organization’s technology functioning, updated, and secure, managing all the hardware and software that makes a modern organization productive, connected, and protected from security breaches.

While an IT management consultant might leave more of the actual programming, installation, and design up to the personnel they manage, they can be hands on, as well. A few of their day-to-day responsibilities may include:

  • Tracking IT budgets and informing senior management of required updates, projects, or changes to the IT infrastructure
  • Planning new IT projects, assembling teams, and seeing projects through to completion based on timing and budget
  • Assessing staff’s IT needs and proposing solutions for the organization
  • Managing, delegating, and stepping in to help a team of IT professionals
  • Deciding when to upgrade and replace existing hardware and software
  • Securing and updating hardware and software, security protocols, and software licenses
  • Keeping security measures up to date, and monitoring for and responding to security breaches
  • Train staff on how to use technology, equipment, and security best practices to minimize human error-related breaches.
  • Cross-training IT staff to be a more cohesive group with visibility into one another’s roles

Defining Your IT Management Project

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