Create One of the Best Commercial Jingles for Your Small Business? It’s So Easy!

By Joshua Sophy

Create One of the Best Commercial Jingles for Your Small Business -- It's So Easy!

Who wouldn’t love to have a catchy little jingle for their small business?

Best Commercial Jingles

It seems the best commercial jingles are associated with some really successful companies, brands, and products. So you think, there’s no way I can get a jingle as effective as that!

Wrong. The trouble is, you’re probably overthinking it. The best commercial jingles — now and of all time — are so devastatingly simple.

Here is a look (and listen) at some of the best commercial jingles and the simple trait that bond them. Once you manage to get them out of your head, start writing your own.

Sing Your Company Name

There are three commercial jingles that do nothing more than sing the company name. Sometimes, it doesn’t even have to be sung.

Double-A (Honk Honk) M-C-O (AAMCO)

You probably would be pressed to name another transmission specialist. They know. It’s because AAMCO made a name for itself with its elementary jingle. Even if it’s just a few seconds long, do you know anyone that doesn’t know it?

We Are Farmers — Bum-ba-dum bum-bum bum-bum (Farmers Insurance)

Farmers Insurance, if it’s even possible, gets even more simplistic. The catchiest part of its commercial jingle isn’t even words. And it’s sung a capello (without instruments) sparing the cost of even hiring a musician. It can’t get any easier, right?

The Regina Steemer Carpet Cleaner (Regina)

OK, maybe it does get easier. Start singing the name of your company or one of your products, especially if it has a few syllables. Rather than trying to write some ballad about dirty floors, the folks at The Regina Company took the easy way out and found a gem.

Sing About Your Phone Number

Just using the name of a product or brand may not be enough. Some companies have found great success by using another business card staple, their phone number.

In any audio or video ad, you should include your company’s phone number. You get the proverbial two birds with the one stone if you turn your phone number into a song. You may need to do just a little more to make it a full song, but not much. Look at these classic examples:

877-CASH-NOW (J.G. Wentworth)

If you have a structured settlement and you need cash now, is there a number you can call? How many times have you caught yourself singing this song to yourself for no apparent reason?

J.G. Wentworth simply sang the solution it provided and then its phone number. Granted, this version of the jingle has been refined but only because it’s been wildly successful from the beginning.

800-588-2300 Empire, Today (Empire Flooring)

Empire Flooring spared little expense on the jingle to accompany its animated commercials. Rather than sing about the services the company provides, it just talks about discounts and then sings the literal call to action.

Unlike a lot of businesses with easy-to-remember phone numbers, Empire’s number spells nothing about Go to the full article.

Source:: Small Business Trends

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