Craft Killer Copy Every Time

By Randy Milanovic


Most of us dream of writing a novel at some time or another. Who wouldn’t love the thought of sipping a latte, crafting a few words in a chapter of their novel, telling stories, and soaking up a healthy combination of royalty checks and public praise for the effort?

But, as a marketer, you’ll need to put those daydreams aside for a moment. Chances are, you’re going to have to put together a tweet, blog article, or email campaign on your own this week.

When that happens, it pays to be able to think like a pro copywriter. To help you do that, I sat down with my friend and number one copy-editor Matt – who has helped me out on many projects – to gather some tips you can use to make your writing stronger. Here is the advice he shared…

#1 Write Every Piece for One Person

Your writing doesn’t have to appeal to everyone, or to elicit a reaction in a reader who isn’t in your target market. So, he advises you to follow our example and use a well-defined marketing persona and write to it. Knowing who your reader is helps you to write as if the piece is a one-to-one communication.

#2 Write for the Sake of Clarity

The big stumbling block most business people have with writing is that they try to be overly clever, or to sound professional and academic. That leads to confusing word-jumbles that no one understands. If you want people to understand your message, much less act on it, keep things simple and straightforward. Readers want information, not sentences they have to read three times to figure out. A glance at the dictionary is also a quick exit from your site.

#3 Support Controversial Points With Real Data

If you have something to say that your readers might be skeptical about, or flat-out disagree with, then try to back it up with a study or statistic. At the very least, provide a first-hand story that lends some weight to your perspective.


#4 End on a Wrap-Up or a High Note

The first and last paragraphs of your page are most important. The opening draws attention and the finale reinforces your point. So, sum up your opinion and then ask your reader to take the next step. Sometimes, a single clear call to action is all that’s needed to boost response and conversion rates within your content marketing plan.

#5 Devote a Little Time to Writing, and a Lot to Editing

Usually, when you feel stuck in the mud as a content creator it’s because you have run out of ideas. Counterintuitive as it might seem, the best way through that is to simply keep writing – and reading. Put words on the page or screen until you have nothing more to say.

Ask your team for ideas and content. Then start to organize, refine, and delete. When you find there’s nothing more to explain or take away, you’ve got something that’s more likely useful.

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Source:: Business 2 Community

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