Cracking the Mobile SEO Code: 10 Things Every Small Business Owner MUST Know

By Stevan Mcgrath

10 Important Mobile SEO Facts

We have seen the internet grow tremendously in the last couple of years. Since it’s beginning, the internet and other technologies have helped the world evolve in a technology-driven era. People nowadays grab their phone first after they wake up to check up on their latest text messages and emails. In fact, out of all the people who own some sort of technology that is connected to the internet, very few can actually attest to the fact that they can go a day without looking at their phone or utilizing any type of internet-enabled technology.

While mobile phones and computer screens that people expose their eyes on to on a daily basis are known to contribute to vision problems and even cause people to spend more time sitting in front of the screens rather than spending time in the gym, businesses are on the lucky side here. As more people gain access to the internet and start to browse the internet for information/services/products, businesses are laughing all the way to the bank as they are also able to utilize the internet to their advantage. That’s by putting their products and services in front of their target audience. Right on the devices, they are using to access the internet.

The Importance of Internet Marketing in the Modern Business World

Before considering some important facts that business owners need to be aware of in regards to mobile SEO, let’s first take a look at some statistics about internet marketing, as well as consider why internet marketing plays a vital role in the success of business in the modern world. We will focus primarily on search engine optimization to provide more specific details in relation to the purpose of this article.

According to HubSpot, 51% of mobile users have found a company they were not aware of before after they have conducted a Google search on their mobile device. Additionally, as much as 48% of all consumers tend to utilize a search engine. With Google being the most popular when they would like to research a brand, company, service or product.

More and more businesses are also starting to realize that mobile users are becoming their primary customers. While most people used to shop and browse the internet from a desktop device, more and more people now are turning their phones on to search the internet in the modern world. According to Venture Marketing, at the current growth rate of mobile advertising, by the year 2019, as much as 72% of the average internet marketer’s digital marketing budget will go toward mobile advertising solutions.

Without internet marketing, a company’s target market would not be aware of their website. Thus leading to an insignificant amount of website visitors. Meaning the company wasted their money and precious time on creating such a website. An effective internet marketing strategy, however, can help a company drive thousands of potential customers to their website. Thus increasing their sales and help the owners put more money into their pockets.

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