Converting Blog Readers to Customers

By Rick Enrico

What Can Convince Blog Readers to Become Customers

It’s always a nice feeling when you write. Whether for personal, academic, or any other reason, the catharsis that follows, especially for those looking to put on paper their thoughts and feelings—like a diary entry—is guaranteed to warrant another page or ten.

Having said that, there are more benefits to writing now. Since the advent of the Internet, web logging—or blogging—started out as a simple hobby. Now, it’s arguably a business necessity and an essential marketing tactic, one that could net you customers from a previously unconsidered pool.

There are reasons aplenty for you to start a company blog, with many benefits to boot. Aside from showcasing your expertise, you also get to communicate with your customers outside of your social media channels (although you can also consider your blog as a social media platform in the sense that you publish content in it and share them to the public through the medium).

When people, in turn, read your posts, what do you hope to accomplish? Inform and/or educate them? A perfect marketing strategy, but that’s just the beginning. Your endgame, as with any other transaction, is to make those leads your customers. But how, you ask? By doing the following.

Writing Quality Content

Blogging isn’t for everyone as much as writing isn’t an appealing thought for everyone. Don’t take it as an alienating thought though. While great skill doesn’t necessarily guarantee solid content, it’s not like you can’t hone your techniques, specifically on language and research. Like training to craft a great copy for that winning deck, polishing your skills makes your post that much more powerful.

As much as the basic rules of writing apply, there’s a more fundamental concept underlying blogging: influence, and most, if not all, influential blogs are well-written. It’s like there’s a correlation, isn’t there? While studies have yet to prove that specific detail, there have been countless advice about choosing quality over quantity in many aspects of life. Add blogging to that list.

Why? Because high-quality work doesn’t just scream credibility, intellect, and authenticity. It also shows that you’re a force to be reckoned with and that your words are not mere 1s and 0s on the Internet. Your content is worth the time and effort readers invest into consuming your post.

What Can Convince Blog Readers to Become Customers

Evoking Emotions

Writing is one of the more basic media you can use to solicit strong feelings. It’s why best-selling novels are successful. A story, a rant, or even just general advice hinges on making readers feel a certain emotion and either pacifying or intensifying them.

That includes providing relief and comfort for giving ideas on how to solve your readers’ problems. One undeniable purpose of your blog is imparting insight, so they expect to walk away with something after the last punctuation mark. A solution is the best you could offer for their troubles, and when they get one, think how happy they become. That is one way you can romance your audience.

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