Conversion Funnel Basics – Improving Website Conversions

By Debra Murphy

Conversion Funnel Basics

A conversion funnel, also known as a sales or marketing funnel, describes the process you create to attract potential buyers to your website and guide them to take some desired action. The actions can range from signing up for your email list to buying your products and services.

Creating an effective conversion funnel is the foundation for implementing successful inbound marketing strategies. Buyers want to research their options before making a purchase and the quality of your conversion funnel can help them make that decision quicker.

If you find yourself driving people to your website but few are converting into leads, then you most likely have an ineffective conversion funnel. There are many reasons that your conversion rate is low, but let’s start with understanding the basics.

The conversion funnel process

conversion funnel

A simple conversion funnel process is made up of four main steps:

  • Create awareness for your products and services
  • Build interest in what you have to offer
  • Increase desire by educating them on how you can help solve their problem
  • Take the desired action for their stage of the buying process

This process is then repeated, moving the visitor through the buyer’s journey until the person leaves the funnel or makes the purchase.

Sounds easy, right?

Not really.

In order to maximize your conversion rate, a well-designed and effective conversion funnel takes planning, review and optimization.

The conversion funnel strategy

Conversion funnels, although similar in nature, may result in different outcomes.

Are you looking to convert:

  • Visitors to leads
  • Leads into customers or
  • Customers into repeat customers?

Knowing which goal you are after will dictate the conversion funnel strategy you need. Each conversion funnel needs to focus on one goal and one call to action. If you give visitors too many options, most will leave without taking any action.

Understand your ideal target customer

Visitors that come to your website are at different stages in the buying process. Not all visitors will take the same action and many will not take any action. You need to guide them in the appropriate direction.

First you need to attract the right visitor and guide them into the right conversion funnel for their needs. Then you need to entice them so that they are less likely to leave before completing the desired action.

You must help them:

  • Learn about what you have to offer
  • Understand how you can help them solve a problem
  • Get to know you so they are more likely to do business with you rather than someone else.

Only then will you be able to convert them into the logical next step in the process.

Dissecting the 4 Levels of the Conversion Funnel

Level 1 – Awareness

Before you can implement a conversion funnel, you need a steady stream of qualified visitors to your website. Making people aware of your brand can be done through many different online channels, but most small businesses naturally gravitate to content marketing.

Content marketing enables you to gain visibility in the search engines by creating and optimizing content that caters to those who are doing research in order to buy something. This is where the Go to the full article.

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