Content Marketing is More Than Blogs

By Colin Cieloha

Traditional marketing is becoming less and less effective as more people turn to the internet for information, answers to questions, and news. Therefore, companies are turning to content marketing to help boost their business. Instead of pitching their products and services, they provide their customers with truly relevant and useful content to help them solve their issues. Essentially, it means transforming prospects into customers by creating and providing free and valuable content that the targeted audience will want to read. This will create sustainable brand loyalty. Even though those that read the content may not make a purchase there and then, when they do decide to make a purchase, they will know exactly what company they want to go with.

There are three keys reasons why businesses have started to use content marketing, all of which are beneficial for business. If the content marketing is done right, then the end result should be increased sales, cost saving and an increase in customer loyalty. This style of marketing is already used by some of the leading brands in the world, as well as small businesses and one-person shops. The reason for this is simply that it works. It is also relatively easy and quick to produce while also being a lot cheaper than other marketing methods.

The key thing that businesses need to remember is that the content has to be of the highest quality, while also being produced regularly. Once created, content can be distributed around the globe using social media, email, blogs, websites, and more.

Many people make the mistake of thinking content marketing only really applies to blogging and a few other methods, but this is not the case at all. There are many ways that companies can use content marketing to their advantage, with different methods working best for different companies. So what types of content marketing are there, and how effective are they when a business uses them?


infographic content marketing

An infographic is one of the newest forms of content marketing, but is now one of the most popular. An infographic is a graphic visual representation of information. They are used to present a lot of information quickly in an engaging way. Humans like to take in information visually and an infographic can help with this. Studies show that users are 30 times more likely to read an infographic than an article, therefore increasing potential customers 30 times.

Not only do more people read them, but they are also liked and shared on social media three times more than any other form of content marketing. It is for this reason that 71% of online marketers use infographics in their social media strategies. The problem with using an infographic is that they can be quite costly and time-consuming to produce, as companies usually don’t have the resources to create them.


Blogs are another very successful facet of a content marketing strategy. They are very easy Go to the full article.

Source:: Business 2 Community

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