Content Creation Agency Insider Tips on Writing Powerful Headlines

By Andy Beohar

No matter how interesting and informative your content is, most people just will not click on it and read if it doesn’t have a compelling headline. To make sure that you’re getting the most out of your content, we’ve but together some insider tips from our experience as a content creation agency on how to write great headlines.

Content Creation Agency Tip 1 – Use language that is simple yet powerful

If you want to write headlines like one of the best content marketing agencies, it’s important that you use powerful words that motivate the reader to act. Your potential readers may be turned away by bland or vague language or words that most people don’t know. It’s a good idea to stick to simple language and choose words that interest and motivate your reader.

For instance, you may use your headline as a call-to-action (CTA), inviting readers to try or do something. You can also make use of powerful words like “worst” or “never” to capture your reader’s attention and gain their interest. Avoid using complicated words when simpler, more succinct words will work just fine. For instance, don’t use “utilize” when you can just say “use.”

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Here are a few examples of killer headlines that use simple yet powerful language to entice the reader to click:

“Clever” is a powerful word that is usually seen as a positive trait, especially for people who are engaging in creative endeavors like blogging. However, this headline suggests that being clever is not all it’s cracked up to be. This will immediately grab the attention of someone who wants to understand why their assumptions may be wrong. The word “killing” also adds some drama that may entice the reader to click to ensure that they are not causing harm to their own blogging efforts.

“Ruined” is a powerful word that immediately grabs the reader’s attention. In this case, the author Jay Baer is suggesting that social media giant, Facebook has ruined Christmas. This is a great example of a killer headline that piques the interest of a variety of readers. Whether they love Facebook or hate it, readers will want to read more to find out how the author might support this wild, yet funny claim.

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How facebook Ruined Christmas

Content Creation Agency Tip 2 – Make a bold statement

Making a bold statement is another strategy that a blogger or content creation agency might use to create compelling headlines. Some of the most clickable headlines introduce some sort of shock factor that gets readers wanting to learn more. Making a bold or opinionated statement in your headline is one effective way to boost click-through rates and get more people talking about your content.

Some brands may not feel comfortable relying solely on shock factor to generate interest in their content, and that’s okay. Sometimes just creating a headline Go to the full article.

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