Contact Center Best Practices: How to Improve First Call Resolution

By Aki Merced

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Imagine this, you’re streaming your favorite TV show and suddenly you lose internet connection. You try all the basic troubleshooting steps: check all the necessary cables, unplug and re-plug the router, maybe even do a hard reset. Alas, none of the usual tricks work and you are forced into one of the most dreaded things to ever confront mankind: calling customer service.

Why do people despise calling customer service? Surely it’s not simply because it means something is wrong with your device or service.

No, we hate it because of the experience. We fear the long holds, the endless queues, and the predictable scripts.

After all the hoops we’ve had to jump through, we’re left with the same problem and face the prospect of doing it all over again.

What really keeps us up at night is the thought that our problems will go unresolved.

This is why First Call Resolution is so vital to call centers.

First Call Resolution (FCR) is a set metric that measure the capacity of a contact center’s workforce to resolve an issue on the first call.

A good FCR means that a customer’s call is resolved in their first interaction with your agent. Obviously, not all calls can be dealt with in the first contact. Still, FCR rate should be a key metric to keep an eye on and strive to improve if you want to provide exceptional customer experience and stay in business. It is essential to increasing customer satisfaction as a higher rate means that you are solving your customers’ problems efficiently.

How can you improve your FCR, you may ask?

Below are some of the best practices that can help you better your agents and the way your call center provides customer support for your clients or for your own company.

Get your priorities straight

The more customers you talk with, the more of them you can provide service to, right? Not necessarily.

You can seem efficient by receiving and handling more calls but that does not mean you are effective. If your call center still puts a premium on just hitting monthly call volume targets and quotas over quality, this needs to stop.

Listen, there’s nothing wrong with wanting to help as many customers as you can. But to do that, you actually need to resolve their issues. Shift your focus to the metrics that are involved in fixing customer concerns and you will see your FCR improve. As you do this, you will also see if there are workforce adjustments that need to be done.

Knowledge is power

Believe it or not, the best way you can help your customers is knowing how to fix their problems. It’s that simple.

Every agent on the receiving end of calls must be adequately equipped to handle the issues that might come their way. This means quality training focused on knowledge of the problems and their solutions.

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