Combining Online and Offline Marketing to Build Business Credibility

By Susan Friesen

How to earn new clients for your small business with these brand-boosting suggestions

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I hope you enjoyed our recent series of articles and videos focused on what you can do to build your client roster for your business.

New clients are essential to the success of any business so make sure you keep up consistent efforts to draw in new leads you can then turn into paying clients.

To quickly recap:

Proper planning

Have you taken the steps to define your ideal client yet? It’s important to have a plan before setting off on a journey.

Ideal clients are just that: ideal. The more of them you have, the less stress you have in keeping any toxic clients who may be more trouble than they’re worth.

Make your presence known

Content marketing, email marketing, and social media marketing all work together when planned properly. Before you start any guess work at how to go about marketing your business online remember our tips on the value of planning it all out right and hiring a professional to get it done properly.

This article talked about the value of organic and paid marketing to drive website traffic in droves and the cost of messy DIY attempts at online marketing.

The importance of referrals

Referral business is a great way to generate leads. The leads are better and the fact that you’re coming by way of a reference goes a long way to securing the client.

Offline Marketing is Still Essential

A lot of what we focus on at eVision Media is specific to online efforts. That is essentially because we specialize in professional website development, social media marketing, and search engine optimization.

Your business success can rely on not only online marketing strategies and tactics, but also offline efforts. So remember to keep up some hard and true staples to keep the leads coming in.

Here’s some suggestions to infuse into your overall marketing pie:

  • Event or Tradeshow Sponsorship

    Sponsoring an event or a tradeshow is a great way to get your business in front of key decision makers within your industry or business sector. Our success with the Abbotsford Chamber of Commerce in 2016 was not only great for getting our name in front of local businesses over having won a Business Excellence award but the sponsor of our award, Blackwood Building Centre Ltd., also received a lot of recognition.

  • Contests Offering Merchandise

    Holding a contest is a great way get word out about your business. Watch out for serial contest entrants (yes people have side jobs entering contests all day) and take the construct of the contest seriously. Look for loopholes that could be exploited and carefully plan your contest so it targets your ideal clients.

    Offering free samples or credit as a reward is great when you focus on those who need what you have or do. You may get less entries but it’s better to get 10 qualified entries than 1000 entries from people who are really only after a freebie.

  • Radio Advertising

    Radio ads are still a good tool especially if Go to the full article.

    Source:: Business 2 Community

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