Cinnabon Celebrates National Cookie Day with Cookie BonBites, A Cinnamon Roll-Stuffed Chocolate Chip Cookie

By Erica Abbott

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To celebrate National Cookie Day, Cinnabon has debuted the perfect fusion of their famous cinnamon roll and a delicious chocolate chip cookie: the Cookie BonBite. The baked goods company unveiled the limited-edition cookie on Monday—and the combination looks truly delectable.

“The Cookie BonBite is one of our yummiest examples of creativity to come out of the innovation kitchen,” Jill Thomas, Cinnabon’s vice president of global marketing, said in a press release. “The delicious Cookie BonBite joins two extraordinary baked goods to create an unexpected out-of-this-world flavor combination not to be missed! National Cookie Day provides the perfect occasion for our guests to enjoy the ultimate cookie experience.”

The Cookie BonBites are available while supplies last at Cinnabon bakeries nationwide, according to the press release. Cinnabon also partnered with Fairlife to offer a free 8 oz. bottle of milk to dunk the Cookie BonBites in, however, that offer is only available on National Cookie Day.

See how social media reacted to Cinnabon’s limited-edition Cookie BonBite below:

Social Media Reacts to Cookie BonBite, Cinnabon’s Chocolate Chip Cookie and Cinnamon Mashup

Fantastic idea @Cinnabon gotta try it!

— Jermiko Thomas (@JermikoThomas) December 4, 2017

These are amazing fam

— Vinny.Ğ (@JETlag91) December 4, 2017

i have feelings for you @Cinnabon

— Prince Noir · but my name is longer than before (@TrueTashan) December 4, 2017

Cinnabon selling chocolate chip cookies with mini cinnamon buns stuffed inside for #NationalCookieDay. Not a bad effort.

— Darren Rovell (@darrenrovell) December 4, 2017

I wasn’t sure about this pairing but it’s a good one y’all!
Stop in @Cinnabon for a #cookiebonbite it’s so #yum #NationalCookieDay

— mel (@mel__b__) December 4, 2017

When you go to @Cinnabon on #NationalCookieDay and they’re all sold out of their new cookies and now you are cookieless.

— (@notursithlord) December 4, 2017

Made a special trip to @Cinnabon for a cookie they were out and said it would be hours before another was ready

— Michael Raasch (@bartender500) December 4, 2017

They are soooooooo yummy!!!! #CookieBonBite

— trishalicious (@bikinimowing) December 4, 2017

OMG!!! !!! Amazing!

♀ to @Cinnabon right now!

— Karen Freberg, Ph.D., Social Media Professor (@kfreberg) December 4, 2017

I got a @Cinnabon cookie bonbite and they are literal heaven

— JagsgonnawreckWilson (@MrChew3131) December 4, 2017

What are your thoughts on Cinnabon’s limited-edition Cookie BonBite? Will you be giving it a try to celebrate National Cookie Go to the full article.

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