Check Out These Top 10 Marketing Charts for 2017

By Larisa Bedgood

Marketers love charts so in case you missed them, here’s a look at some of the most interesting marketing charts showcasing the latest research and statistics of 2017 so far.

1. The Channels Customers Want to Use to Engage With Your Brand

Recent survey from Lithium Technologies examined 4 types of brand engagement, finding that in each case that owned media such as websites, blogs and social sites were the preferred channels. Online reviews edged email as the second choice when searching more information about a company and about its products and services.

When consumers initiate engagement they favor websites and social channels, but when they’re receiving communications, they clearly prefer email over other channels by a large margin.

2. Majority of Consumers Consider Customer-First Marketing Important

As you can see from MarketingSherpa’s study, customer-first marketing is important to a majority of consumers, with 22% considering it very important. In fact, only 5% of customers consider the practice not important.

Statistics of companies putting your interests above theirs

3. Obstacles to Data-Driven Customer Strategies

Inadequate budgets are the biggest obstacles to implementation of truly data-driven customer strategies, cited by 54% of marketers responding to a new CMO Council survey

Obstacles data driven customer strategies

4. Top Email Marketing Trends of 2017

Litmus asked 1.200+ marketers to rank the biggest email marketing trends for 2017. The research shows that marketers are betting on Interactive email, Big Data personalization and HTML 5 video in email to break through in 2017.

Statistics email marketing trends

5. How Are Marketers Using Data to Personalize Experiences?

According to a new Monetate survey, the most common ways businesses are using data to create personalized experiences include by incorporating lookalike advertising engines (87%), in-store or customer service clienteling tied to digital channel behavior (83%) and dynamic content creation/promotion generator (75%), which would appeal to the many consumers who find personalized ads to be more engaging and relevant.

Data to surface personalized experiences

6. Value of a Customer-Centric Organization

Customer-first marketing creates loyal customers and will maximize customer lifetime value. According to a study by Marketing Sherpa, 56% of consumers are most satisfied with organizations that provide a positive experience. 43% also stated that it is easy to conduct business with the company across channels, whether online, in person or on the phone.

Statistics about the quality of experience

7. Enterprise MarTech Investments Made Chiefly to Better Understand Customers and Prospects

Marketers at enterprise companies are investing in marketing technology primarily to better understand customers and prospects (62%). Enabling a data-driven approach to marketing was cited as a top goal by 55% of respondents (Data Source: Squiz).

Reasons to invest in marketing technology

8. Effects of Lists Segmentation on Email Marketing Metrics

Recently, MailChimp dove into its customer data to Go to the full article.

Source:: Business2Community

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