Changing Customer Sentiment with CX: Fright Night to Date in 30 Minutes

By Katie Noyce

In this day and age, spending time with loved ones is precious. There are so many distractions and everything and everyone move so fast. It’s good every once in a while to be able to stop, take stock of your life and enjoy time out with friends and family.

Nightmare at the Restaurant

My partner and I decided to take such an opportunity and visit a favourite restaurant of ours. It isn’t fancy or particularly distinguished but it sells good food at reasonable prices.

We arrived, parked our car, and announced our presence to the head waitress. She was pleasant enough and told us the wait for a table was about 45 minutes. Fortunately, we weren’t particularly hungry at the moment so we decided to wait, taking a seat at the bar and ordering a drink.

It was very busy at the bar, with other families and couples waiting for a seat. As the 45 minutes slowly dragged on, I became increasingly hungry (which is never a good sign!!). After one hour I wandered over to the head waitress and asked about our table. After giving her my name, she went and checked the reservation list. She returned to tell me that she called our name 15 minutes ago and because we didn’t answer she gave our table away. She was sorry and told us she could put our name down on the list again but this would mean another 30-minute wait. I was rather annoyed (and still very hungry!). So I headed back to my partner and filled him in on the news. He was annoyed as well and together we weighed our options to see what we should do next.

The Barmaid Saves Us

The barmaid near us had watched this entire story unfold. She strolled over and informs us that, if we’d like to, we can eat in the bar, from the same menu we would have had in the restaurant. We decide that this is better option and order our food via the barmaid. We take a seat at a table (next to a wonderful log fire) and wait for our food. Within 30 minutes, the food arrives and we tuck in, rather happily.

The Importance of CX in the Hospitality Business

This experience has proven to me just how important good customer service skills are in the hospitality business. The barmaid turned what could have been a nightmarish experience into a wonderful date night, just by listening and acting accordingly. In all honesty, she didn’t have to help us; it isn’t part of her job role and typically people don’t eat at the bar. BUT – by taking the customer experience into her own hands, firstly by listening/observing the situation then by acting on the information gained, she could offer an alternative option. She went out of her way to ensure we received a great customer experience.

It proves that, having these skills instilled in your frontline staff does help your business grow. Staff shouldn’t avoid solving slip ups in service as the head Go to the full article.

Source:: Business2Community

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