Cat Meme-Driven Marketing for the Uninitiated

By Judy Caroll

Cat Meme-driven Marketing for the Uninitiated

The internet is a nifty tool for many things. We use it to find information we need for a term paper we would hand in on the last minute. We use it to unwind by way of watching an obscure YouTube prank video a friend recommended. For B2B companies, the internet is their main channel for their lead generation. Almost all marketing campaigns are run online and it makes perfect sense to delve into social media marketing as well as content marketing to benefit the sales pipeline, because hey, everyone’s online now.

But we can all say the internet’s existence is validated by a certain cultural phenomenon that is harder to get rid of than a tennis-sized furball. We are talking about friggin’ cat memes.

For some reason, people can’t get enough of cat memes, because cats are just plain awkward and we can source something funny from every situation their cute little paws take them. You can assume that tying up hilarious cat memes to promote your product and generate quality leads is a far fetched idea. But for some companies, this is a strategy that takes them directly to the cheese.

But how effective are cat memes in terms of marketing anyway?

#1. They catch your attention

In today’s digitally-integrated generation, knowing how you should get your message across is as important as the message itself. Think of it this way: You have a software product intended to benefit startups in the app development arena. Of course, this market is composed of young adults with a penchant for obscure humor and seeking out pop culture references in everything. So, do you think they would listen to a post that rambles on about “the bottom line” and “efficiency”? You may very well avoid going down the road paved with technicalities and instead use an image of a Tabby cat sitting in front of the computer and looking frustrated. Potential customers might miss out on some important details, but you already had their attention with cat’s annoyed face.

#2. They give your brand a modern personality

The social media revolution brought about the need to be authentic. People want to create for themselves (at least semblances of) original existences online. And companies should follow through by adding a bit of personality to their brands because they tell your audience, “Look! We are as cool as everybody else!” And just as everybody else, you are sure to bring in a lot of prospects to the fold through ironic cat memes. Now, that’s making an authentic statement.

#3. They go viral

Cat memes are effective for carrying your message around the web. And it is because of their viral potential that marketers now are exploiting the trend. Because cat memes are relatable and they tell stories that make people want to share them. It’s just a matter of using the right memes for the right line of products you currently have.

Below are the successful marketing campaigns that had make use of the feline’s charm:

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Source:: Business2Community

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