Campaign Attribution Best Practices for Your Inbound Marketing Efforts

By Katy Katz

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It’s time to geek out about HubSpot and measuring digital marketing efforts.

Let’s talk campaign attribution.

In old-school advertising, a campaign was really straightforward. It was typically a word used to describe the marketing activities surrounding a new product launch or a push for a key business objective. I don’t know about you, but I have visions of Don Draper sitting at his Manhattan-view desk with his feet up, smoking a cigar, drinking a Scotch, and spouting off invariably ingenious insights about a blonde in a bikini.

Campaigns mean something different now.

With the invention of, well, the internet, marketers have access to a whole new world of data. You can track your visitor in regard to customer performance down to the minutest of details, from your first tweet to your latest new customer entering his or her credit card information.

All of this privileged intelligence gold is very exciting for us data nerds. But it can quickly become overwhelming. What is the most important factor? And how should one set up tracking to measure the success of our efforts in the end?

That “efforts” question—insert “campaign” here. Your campaign should be directly attributed to a KPI, which should be tied to a measurable outcome. And HubSpot rocks at that! Let’s dig into why.

Setting up Campaigns in HubSpot

Let me back up a bit for those who may not have yet ventured into the nerdy depths that HubSpot allows. HubSpot has a cool feature called “campaigns.” With this feature, you can tie any digital marketing effort to a particular campaign that is tracked in a single space in HubSpot.

Here’s what it looks like:

Campaign Attribution in Hubspot

Essentially, through a mix of UTM tags and software-level campaign tracking, HubSpot makes it not only possible but really straightforward to answer that question of “success of our efforts.”

As you can see, you just tie everything you’re working on—keywords, blog posts, landing pages, emails, calls to action (CTAs)—to your campaign. And you can measure those successes of your efforts in one place! Here’s a great HubSpot article if you have more questions about the technicalities on how to do that.

But How Do You Pick a Campaign?

Well, the obvious first answer is to go with those past campaigns our forefathers laid before us. Track an entire new product launch or run a campaign around a unique feature of your hottest item. But I have a secret for you: You can be so much more than that! With the data that we have available as digital mavens, you can think about a specific objective and track your entire campaign to that end result.

The best way to set up your campaign will likely vary depending upon your business. But the very best thing you can do is to identify a single key performance indicator (KPI) and go from there. Think to yourself: What is the most important outcome of this campaign? What will I get the biggest “attaboy” or “attagirl” for? Go to the full article.

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