Building a Strategic CX Roadmap, Part 2: The Right Stuff

By Lisa Pohlman London, PhD

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In Part 1 of this multi-part blog post, I reviewed what CX professionals embarking on CX improvement efforts face when evaluating CX assessments in the marketplace. While there’s no silver bullet to CX roadmapping and action planning, assessing your needs and prioritizing your opportunities is not an impossible task. At least, it’s not impossible when you have good data, a good model, and good consulting to guide the way.

In this blog post I’ll discuss the importance and implications of employing a CX solution that is grounded in empirical data. A large, validated dataset, rather than one that relies on subjective, squishy judgments, is key to developing a good CX framework (aka model) and strong consulting.

Good data

When evaluating the competing customer experience assessments out there, I recommend you question whether it’s based on “good” data. Below is a checklist I use to evaluate CX offerings:

  • It’s grounded in a dataset that’s large enough – with enough statistical power – to reliably predict real-world outcomes, like revenue and retention
  • It uses metrics – both high-level and granular, so you can make the right comparisons – that are proven to predict those outcomes
  • It provides benchmarks that compare your capacity to deliver great CX to your industry’s norms and to CX leaders’ best practices
  • It produces actionable, specific next steps based on what is proven to work according to those benchmarks and tied to ROI
  • It combines quantitative and qualitative feedback for a robust view of where you fit into the landscape and where you need to go next, tailored to your unique nuances

These checklist items will help you make sure you’re selecting a CX assessment that actually delivers the goods. With these criteria in mind, I’ll turn to why good data matters for CX improvement planning.

Use data to find the right recipe

In today’s world, there’s no excuse for not using a data-driven approach to seeking explanations or building plans. As Jason Goldberg from our partner, Protiviti, remarked at CXFusion 2017’s closing keynote, “Let data drive your need.”

With this in mind, to get results you’ll need, to use a metaphor, a tried-and-true (or, put differently, data-tested) recipe. You’ll want this recipe to capture the ingredients that drive CX change overall, with, as the back of the brownie mix instructs, adjustments for altitude. Then, depending on how evenly your oven distributes heat and your humidity level, you may need further refinements. Want a cakier brownie? Use less flour and add baking powder. Want something denser? Add flour, maybe eggs. The combinations can vary a lot, but they’re fairly predictable because this recipe has been tested time and again. All the major combinations needed to create an excellent product have been substantiated and refined with data.

Good model

Our CXEvolution maturity framework is grounded in a large dataset of more than 5,000 (and growing) respondents. Using our own experience as the premier CX services and technology provider and research from organizational development (OD), we created a model that we tested and refined Go to the full article.

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