Blog Marketing 101: 40 Places To Promote Your Content And Get Visitors

By Marko Saric

Traffic growing lessons

A friend of mine told me that his goal is to have 500 loyal visitors daily within the first six months of launching a new blog. Most blogs will never attract that large an audience. In a world of millions of blogs, starting a new one is not news, but growing it to attract hundreds of true fans is.

Starting a blog is relatively easy when compared to actually getting and retaining visitors. Beginners often focus a lot on the design of a blog, thinking that simply building a blog means that visitors will come automatically. Typically, the reality is the other way around. Getting the first visitors is one of the hardest, if not the hardest, thing for most bloggers.

500 daily visitors is a very ambitious goal, it’s not easy to reach but it is possible to do. Before the internet, it was impossible for you to build your own platform. Mass media ruled the world.

Now with a good idea, hard work and some luck, anyone can build an audience. Whatever idea you may have, it no longer takes a lot of time and money to test it in real life. Having a blog allows you to test ideas and get feedback instantly.

This guide will show you my blog marketing routine and actions I take to draw people’s attention to my content. If you’d like to get visitors to your blog, you will love these traffic driving principles.

Let’s get to it…

80% of all referral traffic comes from two sources

This is one amazing fact you need to understand. Almost 80% of all referral traffic to the biggest websites online comes from only two sources: Google and Facebook.

Trying to get visitors to your blog without having a marketing strategy for Facebook and without doing search engine optimization (SEO) for Google won’t be very successful.

I will discuss some elements that are essential in getting ranked on Google’s search results further along in this guide.

Having a descriptive domain name is one. Optimizing the way your blog looks, feels and how fast it loads is another. Publishing great quality content that your audience loves is another key to ranking in search. Getting out there and spreading the word about your content is essential too.

Facilitating social media sharing on your blog is important for getting traffic from Facebook and I will share details in this guide. But you also do need to be more proactive when approaching Facebook.

Launch a Facebook page and work on building an audience. Then share your posts on your Facebook page. I find that displaying the image on my Facebook page instead of the link thumbnail works best in terms of reaching and engaging the highest number of people.

Go to Facebook groups too. Almost a billion of people use Facebook Groups every month and they’re highly engaging properties. Find the relevant groups to your work and start adding value. Be an authority and you will be noticed. As you begin building trust and relationships with Go to the full article.

Source:: Business 2 Community

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