Black Lives Matter Carved Into 19 Dead White Women By Chicago Man Is Fake News

By Shawn Rice

Chicago man named Rasheed Thompson being arrested in connection with dead bodies found in his basement freezer with the words “Black Lives Matter” carved into their skin is fake news. In the fake story, it was reported that police in Los Angeles discovered 19 bodies in a freezer with “Black Lives Matter” carved into the victims’ skin. However, there was no truth to it.

Where did the fake story originate? On Feb. 17 2016, Now8News published an article claiming that Los Angeles police had discovered a dozen female bodies in freezers in a private residence and that the corpses all had “Black Lives Matter” carved into their skin.

“The Los Angeles corners department came across a gruesome discovery today when several neighbors called concerned about suspicious activity at a home in their neighborhood. Several 911 calls directed police to the 800 block of Woodland Avenue on Wednesday morning. Upon arriving at the scene, police knocked on the door to be greeted by a man who seemed “under the influence of drugs.”

Upon further investigation, they found a dozen frozen bodies within 6 freezers in the man’s garage. The bodies had several things in common – they were all white women in their mid-20s, blonde hair and all had the writings marked on them which read “Black Lives Matter” and “BLM.” Mathis, who was known for his involvement in the “Black Lives Matter” movement was arrested without incident and booked into the county jail on no bond. They are not releasing the names of the victims until the families are notified. Mathis tested positive for being under the influence of bath salts, which he says caused him to commit these horrible crimes.”

Here are some examples of people sharing the fake news on social media.

“…the bodies had the words ‘Black Lives Matter’ carved into the foreheads of the corpses.”

— PostTruth (@PostPostTruth) November 21, 2016

Cops Find 19 White Female Bodies In Freezers With “Black Lives Matter” Carved Into Skin: via @YouTube

— Ac closed (@DopeTvPranks) April 16, 2017

@Gator_919 @tightrope_336 already did.

— wednesday (@Nikolov4Assad) April 14, 2017

#BLM “Police find 19 white female bodies in freezers with ‘Black Lives Matter’ carved into skin.” – PolitiFact (bl…

— BLM Report (@BLM_Report) April 6, 2017

Police Find 19 White Female Bodies In Freezers With “Black Lives Matter” Carved Into Skin via @TRENDING

— #Deplorable Debra (@DebraAr49979596) November 13, 2016

CHICAGO: Police Find 19 White Female Bodies In Freezers With “Black Lives Matter” Carved Into Skin via @TRENDING

— USA Hipster (@USAHipster) September 26, 2016

This man murdered 19 white females, stuck them in a freezer and carved “black lives matter” into them, i will never support this “movement”

— JayJay (@__jayjayyyyy_) September 23, 2016

This fake story was then copied by Empire Herald where it became “19 bodies.” Now8News used old <a target="_blank" rel="nofollow" Go to the full article.

Source:: Business2Community

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