Benefits of Newsjacking – A Case Study Into 2500% More Traffic

By Mike Allton

Over lunch on a Thursday I took twenty minutes to bang out a post about some breaking news in the social media industry.

Over the next few days, that post received over 20,000 views.

Let’s dig a bit into what that post is about, the methodology behind it, and both the short- and long-term benefits. By the end, you’ll be able to take home some tips and ideas that you might leverage for a trending topic of your own.

A Brief Blog Post About Vine

When I first started writing about social media news and information, I made it a point to subscribe to the blogs and press rooms of every major network. While not every newsworthy change or update is published there, many of the important developments are announced that way.

So late on a Thursday morning, I got a notification that Vine had published to their blog on Medium, a post cryptically titled, “Important News about Vine.” That’s how I came to find the stunning news that Twitter was shutting down Vine.

As I’ve mentioned before, every time you become aware of a piece of news that might potentially be interesting to your audience, you have to ask yourself these questions:

  1. Is the news interesting and relevant to my audience (if not, ignore)
  2. Am I interested in writing about this news (if not, share the original source)
  3. Do I have time right now to write & publish an article (if not, share the original source)

Often, sharing that blog post from Vine would be the way to go. But in this instance, I had positive answers for each of the questions.

  1. My readers might be interested in Vine, and there’s a potential to reach far more Vine users that aren’t part of my existing audience.
  2. While I’m not an avid Vine user personally, I’ve written about Vine and have included Vine in my monitoring of social network active usage for years, so the topic is quite interesting and relevant to me.
  3. Time… that was going to be close. I had about 25 minutes to finish my lunch before a weekly noon meeting commenced, so I’d need to write, publish and get some initial promotion started within that amount of time.

Piece of cake when it’s something you’ve done countless times.

Now, fortunately, shutting down of Vine wasn’t, in itself, a complicated topic. The post that I wrote simply needed to convey what was going on, when, what impact it would have on existing Vine users, and whatever Why could be gleaned from the original Vine blog post.

That took just 15 minutes to write – it didn’t have to be a massive article – plus a few minutes to create a graphic in Canva and then publish. “What’s Happening To Vine?

Approaching Topics From Experience

This is certainly an example of where experience matters a great deal.

First, earlier this year, I’d published an article about the imminent demise of Blab and titled it “What Is Happening With Blab?Go to the full article.

Source:: Business2Community

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