Benefits of Front Office Automation

By Jonathan Furman

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Process automation is a hot topic these days and it is playing a key role in the larger area of BPM (Business Process Management). But, automation doesn’t necessarily have to be discussed in the context of robotics. In fact, it has an important role in the area of front office operations as well.

Automating front office operations can lead to a range of benefits that will revolutionize the way companies interact with their customers. There are several functions that take place within the front office, such as updating queries/complaints, gathering customer data, security checks and so on that are dependent on human involvement.

However, with automation, human agents can be motivated to become more involved in these functions. Additionally, there can be other benefits such as reduction in transaction time, fewer errors, and faster response times.

After all, all businesses want error-free transactions, immediate problem resolution, better customer experience, and fewer conversations. Automation makes all of this possible.

Now, let us explore these benefits in more detail.

Reduced call duration

One of the goals of a front office is to reduce the time taken to answer a customer query. After all, the customer is king and you can’t have them waiting too long. Automation overcomes the challenge of call delays by providing faster access to solutions. Just a few clicks and you’re done.

Fewer errors

The problem with manually carrying out a task is that there is always room for error. This issue is compounded when agents have to deal with customers while carrying out these tasks. However, when an automation solution is deployed, it allows the human agents to focus more on responding to the customer while the solution handles all the core processes.

For instance, an agent will not have to toggle between multiple applications to collect customer details. The automation solution will handle this with efficiency for the agent. In turn, the agent can respond to queries in a quicker manner and with accurate information.

More satisfaction among customers

As we mentioned earlier, automation allows for first-call resolutions. Now, when queries are resolved within the first call, it is only natural for the customer to find it highly satisfactory. You have saved the customer time, money and effort, which reflects positively on you and your automation solution.

At the end of the day, your Customer Satisfaction Rate will shoot up drastically.

Lower operational costs

Automation allows for shorter call durations and first-call resolutions. As a result, the total number of calls is bound to drop, thereby, reducing the FTEs and eventually lowering your operational costs.

Less training

Traditionally, agents had to undergo complex training processes to understand how customer interactions take place and to master the finer nuances of front office operations. However, with an automation solution, agents are required only to operate the solution. They rarely interact with customers directly.

Other than that, the need for training every time there’s an update in the existing process is eliminated.

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