Ben Affleck’s The Batman Will Be Influenced By Alfred Hitchcock Says Matt Reeves

By Shawn Rice


“The Batman” is currently being reworked under the hiring of Matt Reeves. But, what should fans expect of the solo film starring Ben Affleck as the Dark Knight?

Doing early press for the movie, Reeves has spoken about his approach to “The Batman” in this early stage and says that he is drawing inspiration from the legendary Alfred Hitchcock for the film which will sport the strongest point-of-view approach to the character since the first half of 2005’s “Batman Begins”. He tells CNET:

“For me, point of view is really important. I want to make sure you are experiencing something from the perspective of the main character in the story. I’m a huge Hitchcock fan — I like the idea of being immersed in that perspective. Movies for me are about empathy. The idea is to make you, the audience, feel what the character feels.”

Hitchcock perfected the techniques involved in getting an audience to identify with his characters, sometimes even using these tricks to manipulate the viewer into sympathizing with the villain. The comments followed on from some last month about the similar journey taken by both Batman and Caesar the ape:

“What I find so interesting about him as a character is that, as far a superhero goes, he’s not superhuman, he is a person. And he is a tortured soul who is grappling with his past and trying to find a way to be in a world that has a lot that’s wrong with it and trying to find a way to reconcile all of that. That is a really powerful character, in the same way that Caesar is such a powerful character.”

Batman is a complicated character, and even the most casual fans know the vigilante has a complex psyche. Bruce Wayne has a dark childhood as the heir was ripped from his parents following their murder.

Production on “The Batman” doesn’t begin until next year and there is presently no release date set.

What do you think about a Hitchcock approach to Batman? Who do you hope to see Batman face as a villain in the solo film? Let us know in the comments section.

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