B2B Tips: Matching Social Media Metrics to Your Goals (Infographic)

By Ruby Rusine

How to Match Your Social Media KPIs to Your Business Goal

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If you have been doing social media marketing long enough, you will notice that digital marketing evolves – and continues to do so. One thing that is notable is that there are B2B companies that are winning it, and there are those that aren’t.

Of the B2B companies that are winning it, these are the ones that have a well-documented strategy including social media (see objection #2). And having clear social media KPI metrics is part of that.

This article on measuring social media strategy has the following key sections:

  1. My Road Trip Analogy
  2. The Truth About Social Media Metrics
  3. Why Measure Your Social Media Marketing Strategy
  4. What is Your Social Media Goal
  5. Social Media KPI Metrics, the KPIs
  6. Matching Goal to social media KPIs
  7. Where the Rubber Meets the Road: An Example (The How-To)
  8. The Immeasurable Must-Haves

My Road Trip Analogy

I would compare gauging the success of your social media marketing plan to a road trip.

Who does not want to have a relaxing road trip as the goal?

Often when traveling, where we go is in correlation to how much money we have, and how much we are willing to spend. Also, time is a determinant of whether it is a stay-cation or a long haul overseas.

Then after the fact, we, try to gauge our overall satisfaction about the trip.


Can your measure how relaxed you are?

Of course not!

The Truth About Social Media Metrics

Your social media marketing strategy is much easier to measure than THAT (road trip satisfaction).

NOT everything is measurable in social media, but there are social media metrics that you can use to connect what you are doing to your business goal/s.

Thus, just because your business cannot measure EVERYTHING does not mean that you should just put measuring on the back burner.

Aside from the fact that it is easy to measure social media efforts, there are many tools nowadays that offer insights about your social media efforts. Some of these are free, and some are not.

Besides, it is really FUN tracking data.

Why measure your social media marketing strategy

It’s the benefits.

We like to do something with benefits, right?

Here are some benefits of measuring what you are doing in social media:

  1. To translate data into useful information. When you measure your social media strategy and tactics, there is no use speculating about whether your desired audience is responding to your posts.
  2. Social metrics can help refine your social media strategy. Every click, every share, every like and even the non-response of your fans tell a story – about your strategy.
  3. To create predictive models for your company. Once you start benchmarking your social metrics, you will be able to spot trends and patterns that are critical to growing your business. It shows you which tactics are worth repeating and which one you should change, if not, put to rest.
  4. It provides insights about the best contents to create. This is important for content marketers, not necessarily the curators, but the creators, in particular.
  5. The metrics can help you decide Go to the full article.

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