As Employee Engagement Slips, Are You Keeping Your Marketers’ Interest?

By Mark Miller

According to a recent report featured on Business 2 Community, employee engagement worldwide decreased last year. That makes right now the perfect time to get with your recruiters for marketing positions and re-evaluate how good of a job you’re doing as a leader in keeping your marketing team attentive and committed to your goals.

All things considered, the dip in engagement was a small one. The report noted that global employee engagement declined from 65% to 63%. Probably not cause to declare an emergency and run screaming for the hills.

Still, it is a concerning turn after four consecutive years of improvement and growth in this figure. If the trend continues, it could well spell trouble for the integrity of the global teams today’s businesses rely on to keep them running smoothly. And more than most professionals, it’s especially important to ensure your marketing department is engaged with your organization.

Why Engagement Matters Among Marketers

Most great business leaders understandably desire a high amount of employee engagement and satisfaction. But from a realistic standpoint, your brand will probably survive if not every single secretary, accountant, legal assistant and custodian is committed to your Mission and perfectly happy with their job.

Unfortunately, you don’t have as much room for error when it comes to your marketing team. These are the people that are responsible for the outward-facing aspects of your business: your messaging, creative strategy, brand, communications, and more.

You can’t afford to have people who are completely disengaged behind the steering wheel of these mission-critical aspects of your growth. When your marketers are disinterested, it can reflect on your brand and make you look out of touch or disengaged from your customers.

That’s not just speculation; the ROI of employee engagement over time is measurable.

Firms with high employee satisfaction outperform their peers by 2.3% to 3.8% per year in long-run stock returns.

And firms that prioritize employee engagement see a significant impact on customer satisfaction. In the era of the empowered consumer where customer experience should be first and foremost in the minds of business leaders, this cannot be ignored.

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Image from Harvard Business Review

And of course, disinterested marketers are more likely to leave for exciting new opportunities elsewhere (and trust us as executive recruiters for marketing when we say there are more than ever right now).

Turnover is expensive for any role, but even more so for a marketing position. Remember, every day you’re without a qualified professional in a key marketing role is a day of lost potential ROI. But you definitely don’t want to rush replacing them and risk a poor hire–especially in a key management or leadership position.

How to Keep Your Top Marketers Engaged

So what can you do if you fear that engagement and satisfaction among your marketers are slipping?

Business and marketing leaders have a lot of tools at their disposal:

Maintain reasonable workloads and realistic expectations

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Source:: Business 2 Community

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