Are You Using Relationships To Effectively Grow Your Business?

By Brian Basilico

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Is Content Marketing Worth It?

I often get asked about blogging and podcasting. I’ve been doing it for years. As a matter of fact, I just finished episode 268 of my podcast, I believe. I’ve been doing it since November of 2015, so it’s been over two and a half years. I’ve consistently done two podcasts per week. I do a monocast, and then I do a guest expert interview. I’ve been consistently doing that for two and a half years.

As far as blogging goes, I believe I started back in 2006, so it’s been almost 10 years. But the blog itself has kind of gone through a transition. When I first started blogging, it was like, “Okay, I want to blog; what do I want to blog about?” Well, I had just gotten an iPhone, the first one, the iPhone 1, and so I was talking about apps and things of that nature. Slowly but surely, it evolved into what it is today, because that was kind of like right at the beginning of social media and none of that was really making sense from a business standpoint yet. Even though LinkedIn came out in 2004, it just wasn’t taking hold.

Relationship Marketing

So, the biggest thing I want to discuss today, is how do you use consistency, and how do you use building relationships to grow your business? Because a lot of it takes time, and a lot of people don’t want to wait. They want the instant gratification. I’m going to tell you three different stories that happened over the course of the last handful of days. You have to kind of think about what makes sense as far as spending time and doing this consistently, because it doesn’t always reap the reward right now. But sometimes, the reward it reaps is huge.

An example of this is, a handful of years ago, I gave a speech to a group of people in a program called Vistage. If you’ve never heard of Vistage, it is a mastermind group. It’s actually nationally known, and just in Chicago I believe there are 23 to 28 different Vistage chairs. Let’s call it 30. That means at any given time, there are 30 people holding masterminds. These masterminds are to help small- to mid-sized business people get their arms around solving problems. This is a paid-for service, and it is not inexpensive. It can be upwards of $1,000 a month or $12,000 a year. Now, I know of a lot of masterminds that cost $24,000 a year. They call it a 2K mastermind.

Anyway, I was giving this speech, and it was on LinkedIn. This was three years ago, when I wrote my book, “It’s Not About You, It’s About Bacon: Relationship Marketing in a Social Media World“, and the Vistage chairperson asked, “Would you come in and talk about LinkedIn?” I said, “Sure, no problem.” Now, LinkedIn has evolved a lot since that time, but one of the things I was able Go to the full article.

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