Are You Still Selling to Your Community on Social Media?

By Susan Gilbert

Are You Still Selling to Your Community on Social Media?

How to Use Social Media the Right Way in Building More Leads and Sales

Information overload and our ability to become commercial free has changed the old fashioned marketing funnel. Attention getting tactics will no longer sell your products and services. How many of you use services like Netflix and Hulu or pre-record TV shows to skip the commercials? The point is we now control what we want to see. Old methods don’t work anymore — learning what does will help you to navigate the new sales funnel landscape.

One of the oldest brands around, Keds, has maintained success in the midst of a changing digital landscape. They start with content creation through visuals first via mobile marketing then move on to text and print according to Emily Culp, who is their chief marketing officer in an interview on Yale Insights:

If you are trying to market your business or products using old school marketing, be prepared to be disappointed in your results. There is a saying found in the Bible – you can’t put new wine into old wineskins. And you can’t apply old sales tactics to the new social media driven market.

Today businesses and brands need to connect with their online communities and build relationships. That doesn’t mean posting images and information that just “sells” to them by bombarding them with information and then expect them to respond. That was push marketing – pushing information out to the general public and those days are gone.

The one direction marketing of yesterday no longer applies to today. Your fans, followers and customers want to connect with you, have a relationship with you and then determine if you are someone they can trust. Welcome to the new online world of reviews and public customer feedback.

The New Social Media Sales Method

The new marketing model for today is called, ARC, which stands for Awareness, Relationships, Conversion. Let’s take a look at each component to learn what this means for your social networks.

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In order to start this process your business first needs to identify the main goals of your marketing campaign for each product or service then hone in on exactly who your target market is. With this information you can generate specific hashtags that can be identified and shared by your community. With great content on the major social platforms you can start to generate a buzz for your brand. Here’s a breakdown of each ARC:


Do you have a story to share? Perhaps an event that is taking place or an important announcement? You don’t want to make the mistake of confusing this with the old style of advertisements. The goal here is to draw people to something that interests them and bringing it to their attention. Here is a great example on Twitter of a brand creating awareness from Internet pet star, Doug The Pug. Not only does it take advantage Go to the full article.

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