Are You Mismanaging Your Leads? A True Story

By Steph Jeffers

I love birthday parties, and this year, I decided to throw together a party for myself. My goal was to entertain my inner-child, friends, and family during the festivities, and I immediately started searching for vendors who could help me accomplish the party of my mid-life crisis dreams! As I went through the planning process, it was surprising to me how difficult it was to get returned calls from companies who were spending online advertising dollars to get my attention. It all started with my plan to have a bounce house. With adults and kids on the guest list, it was the perfect fit.

Three Companies, Three Customer Experiences

I contacted three bounce house companies located near my home. For the sake of our story, all of the company names have been changed. I called and filled out a contact form for Bounce Houses Today first. Next, I left a voicemail message for Touch the Sky Bounce Houses, and lastly, I called and spoke to a company representative from Bounce Houses & More.

Company One: No Follow Up

Bounce Houses Today did not get back in touch with me either via email or phone for one entire week. Coincidentally, I was most interested in their inventory and the competitive prices shown on their website, but without any follow-up from their side when I was ready to start finalizing plans, I decided to move on, which translates to wasted advertising budget dollars for Bounce Houses Today.

Company Two: Delayed Follow Up

Now on to the second company: Touch the Sky Bounce Houses. I previously called and left a message but never received a call back. I attempted again with a call and left my email address in my voicemail. Four days later, I received an email response, but I decided to move forward with Bounce Houses & More because I was ready to put my plans together much sooner.

Company Three: Prompt Lead Response

Like I mentioned, Bounce Houses & More answered the phone when I called, so I was able to confirm availability, pricing, and find out what I needed to do to get everything booked for my party. Also, the company representative spoke to me about what I wanted to do for my party, and he suggested that I add a SnoCone machine to the festivities. Although the prices were much higher than what I saw available from the other companies, I appreciated the fact that I was able to get the information I needed easily and quickly.

Despite the fact that the cost was higher, especially after adding on to my order with the upsell of the SnoCone machine, I decided that I was most comfortable doing business with someone who responded to me in a timely manner. The company was proactive when I contacted them, seemed interested in Go to the full article.

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