April The Giraffe Has Social Media At Full Attention As She Is Finally Giving Birth In Live Streaming

By Shawn Rice


Social media is on high alert as April the Giraffe is finally giving birth. After weeks of waiting, Animal Adventure Park in Harpursville, N.Y., went live on Facebook to announce that the labor alert has gone out and the zoo’s team is assembling to assist in the birth.

https://t.co/HTSkZMfFYt pic.twitter.com/oPTOmxjvsb

— April The Giraffe (@AprilTheGiraffe) April 15, 2017

The livestream of the giraffe’s stall shows what appears to be two baby hooves sticking out of April’s backside, one of the biggest indicators that birth is imminent.

“It’s happening!” Animal Adventure Park owner Jordan Patch yelled into a camera from his car about 7:30 Saturday morning. “The team is assembling! Dr. Tim is on his way! We are in labor 100 percent!”

Here are some reaction on social media to April The Giraffe finally giving birth.

How everyone feels that #AprilTheGiraffe is finally giving birth! pic.twitter.com/zgA70ijTZV

— ✈️ (@CloudTraveler_) April 15, 2017

This just in: #AprilTheGiraffe has a bigger audience than the inauguration.

— Chelsea Card (@ChelseaICard) April 15, 2017

The hooves are out OMG this is so exciting!!!! 😍😍😍#AprilTheGiraffe pic.twitter.com/lRnnlUjxSm

— Lauren Killeen (@LaurenKilleen98) April 15, 2017

IT’s HAPPENING! #AprilTheGiraffe https://t.co/J2cTXLHO3u pic.twitter.com/8m60qSZ8OR

— Elista (@ElistaB) April 15, 2017


First time dad watching the birth pic.twitter.com/tMRsFw1LYO

— Andrew (@_A_n_d_r_e_w_s) April 15, 2017

I’m sorry, but America is closed until further notice. We will be back to you momentarily–after this giraffe is born. #AprilTheGiraffe

— Molly Beth Shaffer (@MissMollyB) April 15, 2017

#AprilTheGiraffe seeing those two hooves sticking out of a giraffe is probably the most eventful thing that’s happened to me all week

— shells (@coolkidshelly) April 15, 2017

What do you think of the birth? Have you been following April the Giraffe? Are you excited for this event? Let us know in the comments section.

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