An Inbound Agency Offers Top Tips for B2B Tech Marketers

By Andrea Miller

One of the benefits of working at an inbound marketing agency is the abundance of expert advice available at any given time. We constantly advise our B2B clients on their marketing strategies with our agile approach, and we’re always happy to make suggestions to each other as well. We asked some of our team members to narrow down that plethora of advice down to their top tip for B2B tech marketers. As you’ll see, there are definitely some common themes, including creating the right buyer personas, ditching the jargon in your content and remembering that prospects don’t know as much about your products and services as you do.

Here’s our advice for you, and feel free to pass it on to others.

Dechay Watts, Chief Strategy Officer

Remember that B2B still involves people. A business doesn’t make decisions about technology or SAAS products. A person at the business makes these decisions. That being said, don’t assume this person knows anything about your products, services, or even how your technology could fit into their business needs. Adhere to the age old saying that “there is no such thing as a stupid question” and provide educational content that hits on every angle of their potential pain points.

People at businesses today feel they should come to the table with a depth and breadth of knowledge to be as smart as you. They want to be prepared to know the right questions to ask. Nobody wants to look stupid. So, help them out with clear content that meets them where they are in their research. No matter how innovative, exceptional, and ground-breaking your technology might be, you’ll have much more success with your B2B marketing if you deliver it from the angle of a professor than a salesperson.

Debbie Williams, Chief Content Officer

Just like you need to create content in relatable, easy-to-understand language, that addresses your audience’s challenges, your SEO strategy needs to follow those same guidelines. Think about the terms and phrases that your customers and prospects would actually use to search for solutions to their challenges, not just the industry tech terms or “techlish” that might be common in your industry to describe your services and tools.

Another important thing to consider is that social media is a powerful and important tool, not something that should be delegated to an intern or junior level employee with 10 other responsibilities. Social channels like Twitter are powerful platforms for tech companies to not only share the content you’re creating, but to pay attention to what industry peers, the media and your target audience is talking about, and to engage in conversations with them. Your brand voice and depth of knowledge needs to be consistent across all channels at all times.

Molly Bruno, Inbound Marketing Manager

Never lose sight of who your audience is and why you are developing content for them. As a fundamental step in B2B tech marketing, be sure to develop thorough, on-target personas and be diligent about referencing them prior to content development. It’s easy Go to the full article.

Source:: Business 2 Community

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