An Image Of A Giant Seahorse Fossil Being Shared On Social Media Is A Photoshop Fake

By Shawn Rice

Did a photograph who evidence of a giant seahorse fossil? The simple answer is no. There was no truth to a photograph showing a boulder containing a well-preserved, larger-than-human seahorse fossil. Rather, the image was an entry into a Photoshop contest and not proof of a human-sized seahorse.

Where did this fake image originate? The Facebook page “Geology Wonders” posted the image on Aug. 22 2017, that confused social media users into believing that there existed at one time a massive seahorse. The above image of the giant seahorse fossil is certainly amazing but it is fake. Snopes reported that the premise of a giant seahorse fossil is scientifically implausible.

Seahorses are unique for their equine shape but also they are monogamous and mate for life. Rarer still, they are among the only animal species on Earth in which the male bears the unborn young.

Regarding the above image, its success on social media can be found because it won first place in a Photoshop contest called “The Eighth Wonder of the World” hosted by the web site However, the image is a fake and how it was created was explained by its artist, whose user name is loopyluv. The artist explained the steps used to create the image.

Here are some examples of people sharing the fake image on social media.

Giant Prehistoric Seahorse Fossil

— Amazing Photos (@trulyamazingpix) April 5, 2015

Giant Seahorse Fossil. Crystal Cave. Wall. Explore the planet before you die.

— DOUg (@Dug5_) April 22, 2015

@trulyamazingpix: Giant Prehistoric Seahorse Fossil“I see this & think: Evidence of #Aquaman 😉

— John R. Castellanos (@johncastellanos) April 5, 2015

@Rainbowmaid How about this one, giant fossil seahorse! (Not real of course, I’m just havin’ a slice of fun pie).

— Lionwolf Lou (@Leolupus) April 1, 2015

Giant fossil of a seahorse.

— Internet Palace (@InternetPalace) February 28, 2015

Giant Prehistoric Seahorse Fossil

— Amazing Photos (@trulyamazingpix) January 29, 2015

With regards to the scientific plausibility of giant seahorse fossils being discovered, Snopes noted that it is very unlikely that a large, well-preserved seahorse fossil would be found anywhere on Earth. This is especially true in the case of seahorse fossils which are remarkably rare.

So far, seahorse fossils have only been found in two locations: the Tunjice Hills in Slovenia, and in a single fossil bed in Northeastern Italy. But in these two examples, the discovered seahorse fossils were not huge like in the fake image. Rather, both of these fossil beds preserved seahorses that were similar in size and shape to the seahorses alive today, which range from .6 to 14 inches long.

Scientists have further estimated that the largest seahorse fossil from Slovenia, if it had preserved the complete body, would have about 9 centimeters Go to the full article.

Source:: Business 2 Community

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