American Ninja Warrior Contestant’s Family Saved By Kidney Donation From Viewer

By Shawn Rice

American Ninja Warrior contestant Kenneth Niemitalo was at the receiving end of a miraculous life line courtesy of a viewer of the reality television show. In April 2015, Niemitalo’s family had a bad scare following the birth of his daughter, Hazel. She was diagnosed with congenital nephrotic syndrome and required a kidney donation.

But there is good news, co-host Matt Iseman told EW that American Ninja Warrior ended up changing the fate of Hazel and her family. Iseman spoke about the show’s influence.

“Last season, [Kenneth’s] on the course. He’s competing and his mind’s not there because he just had a daughter, she’s in the neonatal intensive care unit with kidney failure and she has no hope other than a kidney donation,” Iseman explained.

According to a Facebook post, Niemitalo said that his daughter had to meet certain criteria for the transplant list before receiving the donation. The woman who donated her kidney heard the story when Niemitalo competed on American Ninja Warrior last year. And, the rest of the story turned out great for the Niemitalo family as seen below.

“For this show that started off just as kind of this ridiculous, competitive show, now to see the impact that these stories are having, it’s pretty gratifying,” Iseman further said.

Congenital nephrotic syndrome is a kidney condition that begins in infancy and typically leads to irreversible kidney failure by early childhood. Children with congenital nephrotic syndrome begin to have symptoms of the condition between birth and 3 months.

Co-host Kristine Leahy shared her thoughts by saying, “It’s truly one of the very few shows left where you can sit with your entire family and watch. And it’s good uplifting messages, not only to get up and go work out — sometimes even together — but that if you’re going through something, you see all these people who’ve been through either the same thing or something harder and to see them persevere and have such a great time on the show.”

Certainly, it is a great thing to see people coming together to help one another.

This heart-pounding competition series returns for its sixth season — the first to air exclusively on NBC — in search of the next person to earn the title American Ninja Warrior and the $500,000 prize that comes with it. Each hourlong qualifying episode takes place in a different city — Los Angeles, Dallas, St. Louis, Miami and Denver — and features contestants attempting to overcome an obstacle Go to the full article.

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