Affiliate Summit East 2017 Networking

By Shawn Collins

We're networking

Hopefully, you’ve already been scheduling meetings for Affiliate Summit East 2017. If not, get moving on that now.

The Affiliate Summit East 2017 networking site, powered by Pathable, will help you network with other attendees.

This tool will enable you to view the profiles and interests of the other attendees; discover which of your contacts from Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn are also attending; and schedule meetings.

Note: Sending unsolicited, standardized, non-targeted messages in mass through this networking platform is considered spam. Not only is it annoying to the recipient, but it also looks bad for your business.

Affiliate Summit has a zero tolerance for spam activity. Be advised that we reserve the right to cancel the account belonging to any person who violates this policy, without notice.

You should have received an email after registering to access the Affiliate Summit East 2017 community. If you have not received an email, please contact us.

See the Affiliate Summit East 2017 networking resources for more ways to connect with fellow attendees.

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