A Software Company’s Guide to More Software Clients and More Sales

By Judy Caroll

Companies in the Software industry often struggle with marketing their products and services. Much of this struggle involves applying the appropriate strategies to attract more clients and win more sales. Easier said than done, but it largely entails implementing the right process for converting site visitors into leads.

For enterprises in the software business, this remains to be a challenge as increased competition over the years has encouraged important players in the industry to increase their marketing budgets and pursue more aggressive campaigns. This situation has, in fact, become a caveat for newcomers in the software industry. We all know that good ideas are just not enough to entice Software buyers and secure a competitive edge and that the real score is about using the best techniques for promoting a product or solution.

Fortunately, there are tons of methods for software companies big and small to secure higher quantities of leads and better revenue numbers. We just so happen to list down some of them below:

#1. Offer discounts


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Who doesn’t like discounts, anyway? The word itself gives off a good ring to the ears of both vendors and buyers alike. For sellers of software solutions, discounts can open up opportunities for higher sales appointments. In fact, KissMetrics states that companies offering discounts are in a good position to increase revenue by at least 500%.

A word of caution though: Not all discounting campaigns and seasonal sales will result in higher profits. There will always be a tendency for customers to make purchases only when there are discounts.

Another issue to keep in mind is how much you are going to slash from your product’s price tag. You only want discounts because you want to attract even more customers without affecting your profit margins.

#2. Make your site visitor friendly

Your brand’s official site should always work towards increasing revenue and not to turn away potential buyers. Most initial engagements happen when a prospect enters your site and scans through its contents – in much of the same way as a tourist hunts for bargain souvenirs. Being the owner, you should always think of improving your store’s ambiance and make a good impression on anyone that enters.

This is the same thing you need to do with your site. Make everything accessible and easier for your prospects to navigate and browse through your offers. You can always start with responsive design elements. From the placement of buttons to the way you build your fill forms, these elements are essential to help your customers decide faster.

#3. Practice ad retargeting

One thing’s for sure, not all site visitors will end up actually buying a software product from you. Still, it is highly important to understand how most of them will return to the site and make a purchase. For all we know, they were just making shortlists of possible vendors and would eventually come back to get a better glimpse of what you are capable of delivering.

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