A Look Back & a Look Ahead for B2B Marketing

By Kara Jensen

The Future of B2B Marketing

At Bop Design, we work with a variety of companies in various industries to help them maximize their B2B marketing efforts. In this article, we’ve polled our creative, technical, and content teams to get insights into the current state of B2B marketing. Specifically, we’ll take a look ahead at what marketers should keep an eye on and incorporate into their strategies, as well as a look back to see what trends and strategies are fading out in popularity.

B2B Marketing Trends on the Rise

To get a clear picture of B2B marketing trends on the rise, we’ll look at various avenues and strategies that are gaining in popularity.

Marketing Automation

There is a reason this is at the very top of the marketing trends list. Everywhere you turn, someone is talking about marketing automation. Now, a large portion of the conversation is driven by companies that offer marketing automation software, such as HubSpot and Marketo, but there is a huge demand for this type of software.

As the role of marketing grows and becomes more critical to attracting and nurturing leads throughout the sales process, marketers are taking on more duties. For this very reason, smart marketers are looking to automate where they can to save time and streamline the nurturing process. However, the caveat here is that not everything can or should be automated in marketing. After all, we are all human beings and clients often want a personalized, human touch during the sales process.

Account Based Targeting

Nope, this isn’t a new strategy. What’s new, and trending, is the way that account based marketing is being used. Rather than actively working a list of ideal prospects via phone calls and in-person visits, B2B marketing strategies are beginning to incorporate less aggressive methods for nurturing these prospects. The real win with all the account based targeting technology out there, like El Toro and AdDaptive, is that it enables marketers to market only to those prospects. Rather than spending a ton of money on one banner ad on a general website, marketers can now efficiently spend their budget to get ads in front of key prospects on a target list.

White Websites

In 2017 and into the future, a company’s website can make or break the brand. In many cases, it’s the first impression a prospect gets of a brand. For this very reason, there is a trend in B2B web design towards white websites. Rather than saturating the background and foreground of a website with various colors, there is a distinctive move towards websites that use white backgrounds and minimal color. This enables the web designer to focus the website visitor’s attention and declutter the website (both of which help improve lead conversion).

Meaningful Motion + Animation

Motion and animation in web design are not the same as video. Rather, they are both design tools that enable a more fluid experience for the website visitor. For example, if as a user scrolls down a website, certain aspects of the design expand Go to the full article.

Source:: Business 2 Community

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