A Homeless Football Player Had ‘Nobody’ Then His Coach Stepped In

By James Kosur

A Spokane Valley high school football player has a new lease on life thanks to his coach. In a set of circumstances that closely mimic the 2009 movie The Blind Side, his coach’s family stepped in to help the young man through a tough family situation.

Rodrick Jackson was taken in by his coaches family after he confided in his mentor. During a conversation with Adam Fisher the young man explained: “I have nobody.”

Rodrick wasn’t sure where his father had gone and he was estranged from his mom. His family situation forced him to drop out of school as he spent part of his sophomore year homeless.

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Realizing he couldn’t continue to live on his own, the brave young man approached coach Adam for help.

“I had reached my wit’s end,” Rodrick said. “I got tired of how I was living life and wanted more structure, love and care. He (Fisher) had always been straightforward with me. I felt like there was nobody else I could ask that could help me.”

One month after the two men had their conversation, Adam and his wife, Jolene, went to court and won court-supervised oversight of Rodrick. He quickly moved into the family’s home where he was met with love, encouragement, and much needed routine.

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“He had just kind of treated me like I have never felt like I’ve been treated before, with respect, and always lifting me up and always making sure that I’m on the right path,” Rodrick said.

Rodrick found himself with two new sisters and a life of love. The family even took him on a trip to Hawaii.

“We knew he needed to feel like he belonged and wasn’t a visitor in our home. We made it official,” said Jolene.

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The results of his new home were noticed immediately. Rodrick’s grades quickly improved, he put on some much-needed weight, and for the first time in his life he was living a happy life with a loving family.

The school’s athletics secretary, Jackie Fatur, explained exactly why his grades improved. “He was bombarded with love, affection … big-time structure. He hadn’t been living with them three weeks when I took him aside and said ‘I hope you understand how blessed you are.’ He said ‘Jackie, I’m not going to mess this up.’”

Here’s the young man’s amazing story.

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