A Democrat Senator’s Daughter Being Labeled As A Serial Killer Of Black Men Is Fake News

By Shawn Rice

The daughter of a U.S. Senator for the Democratic party being found to be a serial killer is fake news. There is no truth to a report that “Anne Marie Scott”, the alleged daughter of U.S. Senator “James Montgomery”, was charged with a series of murders. There is no record of either names and the story came from a suspicious website.

Where did this fake news originate? America’s Last Line of Defense published the story, Sept. 10 2017, reporting that a U.S. Senator’s daughter had been charged with a series of murders. You can read the fake news below.

Anne Marie Scott, Daughter of Democrat US Senator James Montgomery of Delaware, has been charged with 14 counts of first-degree murder by the Delaware District Attorney for Wilmingshire. The victims, all black men in their early 20s, were torn limb from limb and fed to Scott’s impressive collection of deadly reptiles.

While she refused to answer questions, her lawyer did disclose that Ms. Scott was the victim of several black men in her early 20s:

“One left when she got pregnant, forcing her to abort. One took everything she owned and slipped out in the middle of the night and the last one, when she told him about her misfortune and told him she wanted to go slow, raped her and got away with it.

My client has a reason to dislike young, attractive black men.”

However, there is no truth to the above story, according to Snopes. There were many things wrong with the story to show its true colors. A simple search of the list of senators reveals no senator named James Montgomery. Additionally, there is no public record of a serial killer named Anne Marie Scott. Thus, quotes from Scott’s attorney are also a work of fiction.

The photograph used in the story is real but it actually shows Jenessa Rosenbach, who is a Colorado woman sentenced to 16 years in prison in May 2016. Rosenbach’s crime was slashing the throat of a man she had met through Craigslist and was not racially motivated like the fake news above. The article also refers to “Wilmingshire”, a fictional location.

Furthermore, Snopes noted that the Delaware Supreme Court ruled in August 2016 that the state’s death penalty law is unconstitutional and suspended the practice. What this means for the fake news story above is that it would be impossible for the Delaware Attorney General to “seek the death penalty”, as is claimed in the fake news article.

Here are some examples of people sharing the fake news on social media.

Daughter of a DEMOCRAT!https://t.co/2uliPtLmSJ

— Ops Master (@OpsMaster) September 15, 2017

WoW! anne marie Scott, Daughter of democrat US Senator james montgomery of Delaware, has been charged with 14… https://t.co/eDHXsOG6Ct

— John Brian Parry (@johnbrianparry) September 12, 2017

BREAKING: First Female Serial Killer In 30 Years Is A US Senator’s Daughter https://t.co/2AFHLO6Kn0

— Deplorable Ana (@AnaCha333) Go to the full article.

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