A Complete Walkthrough of 5 Vital Email Drip Campaigns (With Examples)

By James Scherer

A Complete Walkthrough of 5 Vital Email Drip Campaigns (With Examples)

When I moved from traditional marketing to digital marketing at Wishpond, I couldn’t have imagined the complexity of what I was diving into.

Sometimes it feels like all us marketers do is try to fix what’s lacking. Once everything is set up, all we do is plug the holes.

In our product pages, our sales/checkout pages, pricing pages, free trial dropoff emails… The list goes on and on. And yet so many prospective customers (and free trialers) keeps slipping through the gaps.

The solution is marketing automation – a strategy which allows you to make your sales funnel as solid as you can, without constant attention and late nights trying to do it all manually.

But it’s intimidating.

This article breaks it all down into bite-sized pieces. I’ll outline five of the most dangerous “holes” in your sales funnel, and show you how to plug them with optimized email drip campaigns:

  1. Winback Drip Campaign: Recapturing those customers who bought from you once and left. Or, in the case of software, people who used your service but left.
  2. Upselling Drip Campaign: Turning those free-plan users or single buyers into premium plan holders or purchasers of something more valuable.
  3. Subscriber Drip Campaign: Turning your blog subscribers into customers through intelligent email nurturing.
  4. Billing Dropoff Drip Campaign: Emailing bounced leads (who visited your billing page but left) and encouraging them to convert.
  5. Free Trial Onboarding Drip Campaign: Boosting the percentage of free trialers that become paid customers.

I’ll show you diagrams which outline the flow and triggers of these marketing automation campaigns, as well as break down exactly what content to include in the emails.

Winback Drip Campaign Example

Drip Campaign Trigger:

This campaign is sent to people who canceled their plan or last purchased from your business more than six months ago. If they haven’t yet unsubscribed from receiving emails you have an opportunity to recapture them as customers. The goal of this campaign is to get them on a call.

A Complete Walkthrough of 5 Vital Email Drip Campaigns (With Examples)

Email #1:

Subject: Updates to the [Business Name] Platform/Service

What to Include: Introduce yourself, personally, and break down the biggest change that has been made since they left (you can do this by segmenting people who left before you updated your platform or service). Invite them for a call.

Email #1a:

Subject: Get 30% off your first [biggest change]

What to Include: This is the email which is sent/triggered only if your recipient clicked through on the previous email. You send it because you know they’re interested in whatever update you made. Include a discount for that specific addition or change to your service or platform.

Email #2:

Subject: Top Tips for [Strategy Related to your Business]

What to Include: This is an educational email designed to provide value beyond your service or platform. Relate it directly to something you do, however.

Email #2a:

Subject: Get 30% off [Product Related to the Strategy in Email #2]

What to Include: This is a promotional email only sent if recipients opened Email #2, sent because you know they’re interested in the subject of your promotion. They wouldn’t Go to the full article.

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