9 Data Sources to Inspire Your Next Piece of Content

By Katy French

Data storytelling is one of the best ways to create unique, original, and credible content marketing, but you need some solid data sources to start.

Good marketers are well-suited to extract and communicate great data stories because they know who they’re talking to, what interests them, what their pain points are, and how to speak to them. (That’s where data scientists often struggle.) So there’s no reason not to dive into data—unless you don’t know where to look. here is plenty of data all around, both in your company and on the online.

The Best Data Sources to Start

There is plenty of data all around, both in your company and on the online. Here are 9 great data sources to help you uncover your next great data story.

1) Surveys

Surveys are one of our favorite data sources because they let you tap right into the thoughts and feelings of specific groups. They can be short or lengthy, surveys can always provide great fodder for stories whether they come from your own company or an industry survey.

Example: We helped Newscred visualize the results of a content marketing survey in an animated infographic.

2) Customer data

This information has long been used to help companies create a better experience for their customers, but it can provide valuable insights into your customers’ wants, needs, or knowledge gaps—and help you identify how your content can address those issues.

An added bonus: This information helps you build stronger audience personas (psychographic maps of different audience segments), which you can use to vet any and all content marketing ideas going forward.

Example: To celebrate Number26’s first year in business, we created an infographic to show their success, using insights from customer data.

3) Company initiatives

Data storytelling offers a chance to shed light on many different aspects of your company. Even better, all of that data is right in your hands. Think of ways that information might be used to educate people about what you do or who you are.

Example: We partnered up with The World Bank to create an interactive data visualization that allows users to explore the different ways the company is funding new educational initiatives worldwide.

4) Analytics

You have access to a ton of info, from how many visitors your website has to how your efforts are performing. There are plenty of great stories in this data. When you know what people respond most to, you can determine what stories they’d be most interested in. Sometimes even your own marketing efforts can become the story.

Example: We published an article that told the story of how we revamped our marketing strategy and increased our leads 78% in only 6 months. We shared the data and offered tips to help others improve their Go to the full article.

Source:: Business2Community

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