9 Amazing Visual Social Media Tools to Boost Your Authority

By Mitt Ray

9 Amazing Visual Social Media Tools to Boost Your Authority

Are visuals a part of your social media marketing strategy? Would you like some tools to help boost your visual social media marketing?

The fastest growing social networks are Tumblr, Pinterest and Instagram. The one thing these networks have in common is that you can only post visuals like photos and videos on them. On Tumblr you can post other types of updates, but images get the most engagement. Even on other networks like Facebook and Twitter where you can post various types of updates, photos perform the best.

This is not a surprise, as 65% of us are visual learners.

This is why to execute a successful visual social media strategy you need to be posting visuals. Hence, I am going to be sharing a list of visual social media marketing tools that will boost your presence and save you oodles of time…

1. Tailwind

Tailwind is one of the top visual social media tools I have used. They started off as a Pinterest management tool, but they have recently introduced Instagram management too.

One thing they have that other visual management tools lack is really good analytics. You can use it to track how well your posts are performing and also your follower growth. They have an advanced plan that provides even more detailed insights, but it costs $799.99 compared to the basic account which only costs $9.99.

Pinterest users will find this tool very time saving as after you post your pin it suggests more pins to post.

2. PromoRepublic

use promorepublic for visual social media management

PromoRepublic is a complete visual social media marketing tool. You can use it to create images, post them to social networks and track results. They have post ideas for 50+ industries and 3,500+ templates that make it easy to create images instantly with their drag and drop graphic editor.

You can modify these images any way you want as they have access to various background photos, fonts, shapes, banners and icons. After you create your images you can directly schedule them on networks like Instagram, Facebook and Twitter. It also integrates with Hootsuite, Buffer and HubSpot.

Your scheduled images can be viewed on a content calendar. The calendar also displays upcoming holidays so that you can create relevant graphics. The performance of your published images can be tracked with detailed analytics.

3. Viraltag

If you prefer using a social media tool that lets you post visuals to more social networks not just a couple, Viraltag will be perfect for you. Here, along with these 2 social networks, you can also post on Twitter, Tumblr, Facebook and Linkedin.

It also integrates with other tools like Canva, Dropbox and Google Drive to make it easy for you to upload and share images. They even have the post recycling feature that automatically reposts your images at regular intervals and saves you time.

4. Cyfe

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