8 Ways to Grow E-Commerce Loyalty with Personalized Experiences

By Katie Sweet

When it comes to e-commerce loyalty, there are two types: the type that brings a one-time buyer back to make a second and third purchase, and the type that drives a person to become a regular shopper over the long term. Creating personalized experiences across channels that are relevant at the individual level can help you develop both types of e-commerce loyalty. In this post, I’ll describe a few personalization ideas to get you started.

Drive Incremental Purchases

To drive incremental purchases, you need to focus on specific tactics to turn a one-time shopper into a second- and third-time shopper. Personalization can help you incentivize that one-time shopper to return to your site and re-capture his attention with relevant content.

1. Upsell/Cross-Sells in Order Confirmation Emails

Your efforts to drive a second purchase can start as soon as the first purchase is made. One way to accomplish this is to send additional product recommendations in your order confirmation emails. Much like you can display “complete the look” recommendations on your PDPs to encourage shoppers to purchase items that pair with an item they are viewing on your site, you can recommend products that complement the products a shopper has already purchased directly in your confirmation emails. Some retailers even offer a limited-time offer after a purchase, such as free shipping, if the shopper purchases again within 15 days of the first purchase.

This is a great way to pair items together post-purchase to encourage a shopper to return.

2. Re-Engagement Personalized Emails

Promotional emails are an obvious tactic for bringing a shopper back to the site for another purchase. But it’s important that these emails contain personalized content that is relevant for each individual — taking into consideration each person’s preferences and past behavior on your site — to grab their attention and stand out in their crowded inboxes.

Email relevance means that the content is appropriate for each person, but it also means that the content is relevant to each person the moment the email is opened, not just when it is sent. A lot can change from when you send the email to when your recipient opens it, and you don’t want to miss an opportunity to be relevant to encourage a return to your site. To learn more about relevant open-time emails, view this blog post.

3. Landing Page Focus

You probably already leverage re-targeting across the internet to bring previous visitors back to your site. These ads typically bring a visitor to a specific product listing. Alternatively, you could test bringing visitors to your homepage or a category page instead, leveraging personalization to feature not just the product in the ad, but also relevant recommendations for other products, content, categories, etc. This can help you guide the visitor to something that may interest him, and keep his attention longer than the one product page can.

4. Shopping Companion

Once a one-time buyer has returned to your site, you need to engage her. One way to do this is to provide shoppers with easy access Go to the full article.

Source:: Business 2 Community

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