8 Ways to Boost Customer Loyalty

By Amity Kapadia


Customer loyalty is critically important to business success. Even though most of us know this, the numbers may surprise even the most well-informed Marketers. According to a study by Customer Insight Group, Inc., loyal customers make up 55-70% of sales for a business. Furthermore, 78% of loyal customers are more than happy to spread the word about a brand they love. In addition, a study by Bain and Co. revealed that an increase in customer retention of just 5% could increase profitability by up to 95%; while stats compiled by Gartner Group indicate that 80% of a business’ future revenue will be generated by just 20% of their existing customers. Given the importance of these metrics, here are 8 simple steps to give your customer loyalty a boost today!

1) Make outstanding customer experience a priority.

Providing your customers with exceptional service shouldn’t ever be an afterthought. To the contrary, according to the book “Leading on the Edge of Chaos” by Gartner Group, making a commitment to customer experience can result in up to a 25% higher customer retention rate and revenue than focusing on just sales and marketing.

2) Go above and beyond in every interaction.


Whether it’s answering a question about your product over the phone, meeting with a customer in person to deliver your product or service or handling support after the sale, your aim should always be to ‘wow’ them. Make every customer feel as though they are your most important asset and they’ll want to do business with you again and again.

3) Humanize your brand.


People who feel loyal to a certain company usually do so because they feel a personal connection. Regardless of the size of your organization, you should be striving to demonstrate to your customers that there are real people behind your brand. Show your personality through email, social media and personal interactions with customers.

4) Always be honest.


In a poll by the Better Business Bureau, an incredible 93% of US consumers listed a company’s reputation for honesty and fairness as extremely important to them. If you want customers to trust you, you have to give them ample reason. Don’t engage in any activities that could be perceived as deceptive, or you’ll end up losing in the end. Instead, create a culture of honesty and transparency.

5) Treat them like insiders.


Want to really win your customers over? Treat them as if they’re an integral part of your company. Give them special sales and promotions that are only for your most loyal customers. Ask them for feedback and show them that you value their opinions. The more they feel like part of the team, the more loyal they’ll become to your brand.

6) Admit when you are wrong.


Nobody’s perfect, and that goes for businesses as well as individuals. If you made a mistake, own up to it. Apologize to your customer for their bad experience and Go to the full article.

Source:: Business 2 Community

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