8 Smart Public Relations Lessons from ‘Orange is the New Black’

By Danielle Winski

Three Girls public relations tips

What can you learn about public relations from the women at Litchfield? Keep Reading to find out!

The hit Netflix show ‘Orange is the New Black’ is about to release its next season! Fans of the show, including myself, have been waiting a full year to find out what is going to happen at Litchfield and the inmates whose fates were left in the air. To prepare for the new season, I have re-watched the entire series from the beginning. As I went through each episode again, I noticed quite a few lessons that can be used in public relations. Keep reading to discover eight tips from the show.

What is Public Relations?

Before we dive into the lives of Piper, Red, Dayanara and the rest of the ‘Orange is the New Black’ gang, you need to understand public relations.

Many businesses are intimidated by PR and confused about how it can really help their organization reach new potential customers. The job of a publicist is to tell the story of a brand, company or product. PR professionals use many channels including the relationships we have built with journalists and reporters, content we share through social media platforms, blog posts and e-newsletters, as well as any other channels available to us to share news and information about the brand we represent.

Publicists spend a lot of time writing, re-writing and writing some more (with a coffee break here and there), in order to accurately and positively highlight what makes our clients so special and worth talking about.

One of the important things to understand about public relations is that it’s not advertising. With advertising, you pay to control the message, where it is seen and how often it is seen – but it is often ignored and distrusted by consumers. Public relations is the opposite; the media decides who they will talk about and what they say through unpaid editorial coverage – consumers often pay more attention and trust these reviews and articles. While there is less control in the message, the value of what they say far outweighs what can be purchased on any ad space.

8 Public Relations Lessons from Orange is the New Black

The great thing about public relations is that businesses and entrepreneurs can also take advantage of most communication channels. Plus, they know their brand better than anyone else, making it easy for them to talk about! The following 8 lessons will help in your public relations endeavors.

  1. Build a Reputation

The ladies of Litchfield have established identities for themselves in their community. Red is known for her food and magic in the kitchen, Sophia is an expert on hair and makeup, and Yoga Jones is, you guessed it, a yogi who tries instill a sense of peace and reason into the prison.

As you get started on your public relations campaign, think about how you want to be known. What is something you are really good at? You can do a lot of things well, but focus on the one thing Go to the full article.

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