8 Refreshing Ways to Stay Creative When You’re on a Marketing Team

By Kirsten Lyons

Thinking creatively and producing new original content is often what we sign up for when joining a marketing team. Here’s the thing, sometimes the very presence of the team process can really obstruct that.

Meetings, directional strategies, reporting, emails, more meetings, ad infinitum… when is there time to let your mind roam?

It’s not that collaboration and goal setting and team brainstorming and group reviews are bad, or annoying, although sometimes they are, but all that continuous process can get in the way of your own imagination.

You’re not alone.

We’ve compiled a list of some of our favorite ways to stay creative and get unstuck from the proverbial marketing mud when the same old same old just gets, really old.

1. Take a Walk and Gawk

The power of stepping away from your desk is well documented – physical health, focus, and also summoning lightning bolts of inspiration.

Walk down a street with shops, through a mall, or even just to your favorite coffee shop. There are brilliant marketers and advertisers at work all around you, even if they’re not anywhere close to your industry or marketing niche.

Imagine standing up from your desk and seeing an over the top window display at a nearby Timberland store.

Maybe the bold colors inspire you to liven up your old case study template, rethink your webinar branding, or make your social media posts stand out from the crowd.

2. Come Back to Your Values.

2.75 million blog posts are published every day. All of that content being released into the ether means your prospects are likely overwhelmed. And because of that oversaturation, we can all spot inauthentic content from a mile away.

Research shows that your prospects overwhelmingly buy for who you are, not what you’re selling – buyers overwhelmingly prioritize company values over specific product details.

Get un-stuck by coming back to your company values as a starting point.

For example, at SnapApp our battle cry is unleashing the potential in every marketer. Sure our favorite way to do that is through interactive content, but we also believe in investing our time and resources in helping all marketers reach their full potential, which is why we write articles like this one.

Start by listing out your company values, and apply them to the marketing challenge at hand. Create content, design collateral, or plan events that give you the opportunity to remind (or tell!) your prospects who you are, and what you stand for.

3. Break Out of the Branding Box

Branding is important. We have all seen the mayhem that can ensue when someone goes rogue with your style guide.

But sometimes holding tight to your style guide for dear life can leave you in a templatized purgatory.

Find an image, or poster that you love, and build out a design from that. Start by creating to your wildest dreams and hopes, and then temper back to fit (loosely) within your brand guidelines.

Too often we get stuck in the trap of starting from what we are “allowed” to do, and miss opportunities to Go to the full article.

Source:: Business 2 Community

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