8 Hacks to Boost Conversions with AdWords

By Nicole Blanckenberg

Navigating AdWords can feel a bit like taming a beast, especially if you are new to advertising and struggling to get those conversions. The trick, like with any PPC campaign, is to keep focused on your desired customer.

Whether it’s choosing keywords, creating landing pages, setting out your ad copy or Google Shopping lists, your ideal customer needs to always be front and center in your mind. Also vitally important is constant monitoring, testing, optimizing and tweaking to make sure you are getting the best possible conversion rate for your ad budget.

So where do you start? This week we’ve put together 8 hacks to help you boost conversions with AdWords to get a big jump start on those sales.

1: Power Conversions by Leveraging the Right AdWords Ad Formats

AdWords is not just about your standard search listing anymore… Pairing up your objectives and designed target audiences with the right format of your AdWords ad is vitally important for getting more of those juicy clicks that lead to conversions. So how do you create the perfect ad, in the perfect format, to get those sales? Here are a few hacks and tools you can use to do this.

Enjoy Dynamic Text with Google’s Ad Customizers

This dynamic tool is perfect for eCommerce stores running a variety of specials, sales or deals, or for those limited-time-only products. You can also use it – sparingly – on those high converting products to create a long-term sense of urgency for your ads. Here’s how it works:

Utilize AdWords’ Shopping Ads for More Conversions

Shopping ads were designed specifically for online stores and are proving incredibly popular for those stores with a lot of products. We learned, in our Google Shopping Complete Guide, that these ads differ somewhat from your traditional AdWords text ads, in that Google determines when product listings are displayed and what search queries trigger your ads by comparing your site, your bids and your feeds. The bonus of incorporating this format is that the clicks you get are more targeted than curious, and thus can boost conversion percentages on clicks. Here’s how you can set up a Google shopping campaign in just five minutes:

2: Get More Conversions by Tweaking Your Keywords

Finding the right keywords for your PPC is crucial to your conversion rates. Another important consideration is that lower CTRs on keywords can affect your quality score, which will affect impressions and therefore conversions. This means that cleaning up your keywords ensures better results for your current AdWords PPC campaigns. The best way to do this is by de-cluttering your keyword terms. You can do this by:

  • Deleting or pausing non-performing keywords in your campaigns.
  • Increasing budgets on highly relevant keywords bringing lower impressions.
  • Adding negative keywords to ensure your ads are relevant to the target audience.
  • Updating your keywords with fresh, trending ideas.
  • Making sure your keywords are grouped and organized.

Here are a few tools you can use for your keywords revamp: