7 Ways to Maximize the Power of Your B2B Email Marketing

By Karen Taylor

Is your company maximizing the power of email marketing—or are you still undervaluing today’s most powerful medium? Many companies are missing opportunities of what’s been called “the undisputed king of B2B marketing.” Meanwhile other companies are making incredible marketing gains thanks to their well-designed, multifaceted email programs, which typically include a wide variety of email types.

Here are just a few statistics on the power of B2B email marketing in today’s world.

With these kinds of benefits, companies are leveraging email to achieve many goals that cover the entire range of the buyer’s journey, such as:

Achieving these business goals and others requires a common email objective: Earning and retaining buyers’ attention. This means crafting emails that speak directly to prospects’ pain points, needs and ideal solutions.

1. Welcome Emails

Welcome emails are typically the first email a lead receives from a company, usually after they subscribe to a blog or newsletter, or sign up for a free online course or lessons. Rather than just sending a bland cookie-cutter “welcome to our blog” email—or, worse, not sending a welcome email—why not use the opportunity to deliver a more powerful message?

First impressions count, and welcome emails are the perfect opportunity to make a good one. Plus, prospects’ response to your welcome email can add vital data to their behavioral profiles, which you can use to conduct behavior-based email marketing.

Here are ideas for making the most of your welcome emails.

  • Strike the right tone. Welcome emails should be as warm and inviting as you’d be if you were welcoming someone into your offices.
  • Introduce the company. Begin building a strong, informal relationship right from the start.
  • Add value. Welcome emails don’t only have to deliver a welcome message. They can add value, such as including links to customer support, to social media sites and to relevant whitepapers or eBooks. All of these options will help build and deepen your relationships.

2. Thank You Emails

Not only should you welcome new leads to your company, but you should also remember to say “thank you” at every opportunity. Thank you emails Go to the full article.

Source:: Business2Community

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