7 Ways CRM Technology Can Help Your Firm Create Happy Clients

By Jody Glidden

7 Ways CRM Technology Can Help Your Firm Create Happy Clients

The cost to acquire a new client is five times more expensive than retaining an existing one. For your professional services firm to guarantee its success, you need to have happy clients that will stick around and stay loyal to your firm as it could mean the difference between an up or a down year for your firm.

Fortunately for your business development or sales team, customer relationship management systems (CRMs) help them stay on top of their client relationships. Through analytics, integrations, and other tools, your firm’s CRM and system add-ons can help create more satisfied and happy clients.

As a CRM automation platform with client firms across several industries, we understand the unique ways CRMs can improve client happiness. Below, we explore the seven ways your firm can create happy clients with CRM technology.

1. Act on Client Insights

From identifying the lead to closing the deal, there is a lot of information your clients can provide about themselves. But for your business development team to spend time identifying, documenting, and analyzing that information would take up most of their time. In fact, HubSpot found that salespeople spend 34% percent of their time researching prospects and entering data. This leaves little to no time to act on the insights they’ve identified.

With CRM data automation, you can eliminate the mundane data entry tasks for your sales and business development teams. Through automation, they can see important transactional data, behavioral information, social contacts, and activities without needing to lift a finger. Your team can then take advantage of this data to identify new cross-selling and upselling opportunities they may have been blind to before.

2. Create Quality Communications

Communication is a key component to keeping clients happy. While good communication involves thoughtful messages and emails, it also involves reaching out in their preferred channel (phone, in-person, email, etc.) and leaving no misunderstandings.

Your CRM can help you stay on top of these items. In your system, you can set the preferred time and method of communication on a per client basis. You can also attach your client’s specific contract to their contact card so every team member is aware of the finer details and can communicate the specifics clearly. To help communicate deadlines to clients, you can also create reminders and calendar appointments from within your CRM that keep your firm and your clients up to speed.

3. Provide a Better Customer Experience

By 2020, customer experience will replace price and product as the key differentiator for brands. Offering a stellar experience for every interaction a client has with your brand will become more influential than the services or prices that you offer. You’ll be competing with your competition through how well you treat your clients and how they perceive you.

Optimizing your CRM with relationship intelligence automation can help your business development team offer a more personalized and relevant experience for clients. By understanding the services clients have purchased in the past, or where they’ve dropped off in the sales cycle, your business development team can Go to the full article.

Source:: Business 2 Community

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