7 Tools that are Guaranteed to Grow Your Email List

By Christopher Jan Benitez

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For small businesses and bloggers alike, building an email list is crucial for monetization and brand growth. But it’s not always as simple as what countless online guides depict them to be.

According to a 2016 benchmark compilation, the unique open rate for marketing emails; including niches such as education, eCommerce, corporate services, and entertainment; sits at only 25%. Add the fact that the average opt-in rate for most websites can be anywhere from 1% to 5% and you have yourself a recipe for lost opportunities, delayed growth, and incessant head-scratching.

But despite these numbers, email marketing campaigns are historically efficient from an ROI standpoint – with an average return of $38 for each $1 spent. This is because successful email marketers also prioritize the size of their subscriber base to compensate for low engagement.

Without further ado, below are seven of the best tools you can use to supercharge your email lists:

1. Sumo


First off, Sumo offers a diverse suite of website growth apps that are incredibly useful for Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO). The ‘Welcome Mat’, for example, can be used to emphasize your value propositions above the fold and inspire more visitors to convert.

You may be thinking; pop-ups are intrusive and have no place in today’s UI-centered world. Fortunately, Sumo’s editor includes stylish design options that can make up for the stolen seconds from your audience’s time.

Apart from the Welcome Mat, you can also take advantage of other list-building features like timed popups, a floating smart bar, and heat map tracking for optimization. Here is a post that expounds what you can do with each feature.

2. Thrive Themes

Using WordPress to kickstart your online presence has its pros and cons. Thanks to the myriad of themes and plugins available from the official repository, anyone can build a professional-looking site from scratch. However, they make it extremely difficult to figure out the right combination of conversions.

Thrive Themes can help you skip the trial and error phase by providing preconfigured setups. Its toolbox includes Thrive Leads, which is equipped with an opt-in form builder, lead management, and split testing functionality.

3. Content Upgrades Pro

Offering opt-in bribes is not a new concept, you just need a careful approach to avoid disrupting your audience’s experience. Content Upgrades Pro is a straightforward WordPress plugin that lets you create captivating ‘fancy boxes’ and popup e-mail forms that work hand in hand.

Here’s how it works: upon visiting a particular page, a compact fancy box appears to make your audience aware of your opt-in bribe. Rather than rudely interrupting their reading experience, the email capture form only appears if they click on the fancy box.

You can learn more about Content Upgrades Pro and its full features by reading this review.

4. Vyper.io


Vyper.io is a more comprehensive lead generation platform that can let you hold social media contests, offer content upgrades, and encourage Go to the full article.

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