7 Time Management Shortcuts for Marketers Who Can’t Write

By Brad Smith

time management hacks for writers

Marketing today is writing – whether you like it or not.

Ten new ad headlines are due. 4,000 words on the topic du jour are needed by 5 pm. And all you can do is stare at a blank screen. The blinking cursor on a fresh white page, mocking you.

Putting the proverbial pen to paper can be tricky for many. Even the most seasoned writers have days when the Words. Just. Won’t. Come.

But here’s the deal: Writer’s block is a myth. It only happens when you’re not prepared. When you’ve failed to put in the time getting organized. And figuring out exactly where you need to go next.

That’s good news, believe it or not! It means those marketers who can’t write, don’t write, or just hate writing, needn’t be a wordsmith.

Instead, you just need to follow these 7 writing time hacks to get results in half the time.

1. Never Write from Scratch with a Simple Swipe File

Apparently, swiping isn’t just for dating apps. (Who knew?)

Advertising copywriters have used swipe files for years – keeping the best of the best in a safe place for when they need a shot of inspiration.

Literally anything can go in your swipe file, from clever headlines, to brochures, newsletters, or even web pages. Think of a swipe file as a scrapbook of all the dog-eared pages from your favorite magazines (‘member those?). These are the pieces you know you’ll want to come back to later when sitting down to write a new ad, post, or page.

Say you’re browsing the interwebs. Procrastinating from doing “real” work. When all of a sudden a catchy headline & hook catches your eye:

Writing Time Management Headline Plank

The reason it stuck out is because you just about read the same damn thing a second earlier:

Writing Time Management Headline 2

I used Skitch to take screenshots like this, even though it kinda sucks (because they’ve stopped supporting it). BUT it works seamlessly with Evernote. So all screenshots are automatically added to an Evernote library. And then when you want to find a photo, you can do a simple search:

Writing Time Management Evernote

You can get even more OCD by using tags and categories so you can easily come back later when you are in need of a good sales email, blog post opener, or killer metaphor example.

Need a little inspiration for your inspiration? Here are some great resources to start filling your swipe file with (check out even more here):

Swiped.co: Mark Schauer has a whole site of searchable content from forms to pop-ups to thank-you notes, all broken down by themes. It’s brilliant.

Writing Time Management Swiped

(image source)

Kopywriting Kourse: Neville Medhora’s Copywriting Headlines That Sell breaks down the basics of putting together an enticing headline with loads of examples and tips to make your Go to the full article.

Source:: Business 2 Community

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